‘Grey’s Anatomy’ preview: Mark and Lexie connect … sort of

The boards are here!

For fans of Mark and Lexie, there may actually be something to see on Thursday night’s new episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” — if nothing else, the writers are going to be revisiting the couple as a very real possibility.

With us being so close to the finale, though, there is also going to be plenty of other things happening — including a moment that will change the lives of the doctors forever in the board exams. Expect to see stress on just about every level as the residents board the bus, most notably (who will have a surprising hookup with one of her longtime co-workers) as well as Cristina (who is trying to deal with her split from Owen).

This departure of the residents is ultimately the reason why Mark and Lexie end up spending so much time together to begin with, as Eric Dane’s “McSteamy” has to find someone with plenty of experience to help him out while Jackson is gone. He turns to Lexie by saying that he “needs” her — and then she takes it in entirely the wrong way and gets the hopes up for just about every ‘shipper out there. Then, she pretty much kills the moment by bringing up Nine Inch Nails.

Don’t expect this scene to be the only one between the two during this episode.

The final peek of the episode finds Richard Webber actually monitoring some of the students for the boards, and he runs into an old friend in the process. There’s not necessarily that much to point out here besides the obvious, but we hope it works better for him than trying to deal with Adele fall in love with another man due to her Alzheimer’s.

“The Moment of Truth” airs Thursday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time, and check back after it airs for a full review of all the shockers that go down as the doctors of Seattle Grace try to take a big leap forward in their careers.

Photo: ABC

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