‘The Vampire Diaries’ preview: Who’s trying to ditch Mystic Falls?

Are any of these three safe?

Considering that this is the third time that “The Vampire Diaries” has held a decade dance, we have two questions that are already driving us up the wall about Thursday night’s new episode:

1. Why would anyone even attend these dances anymore considering how bad the first two turned out?

2. How is everyone in a small Georgia town able to afford so many nice outfits?

Now that we are moving forward and suspending belief, there are some fantastic things coming up for Thursday night’s new episode “Do Not Go Gentle.” Rebecca is going to have her mind fully paralyzed thanks to Esther taking over, and how quickly everyone else figures out what she is up to is going to be integral in determining the future for all vampires. The same goes for manages to catch on just how Alaric is going to be manipulated to be a part of this plan.

You get a sense of this in the sneak peek from the episode below, as Matt Davis’ character calls up Damon to tell him that he is going to be going away for a few days. Is “going away” a metaphor for “allowing my crazy alter ego to take over”? Only time will tell.

Also, expect to see a trio of love triangles face off this week, mostly because all good things seem to come in threes:

-Damon, Stefan, and Elena

-Klaus, Caroline, and Tyler

-Bonnie, Jamie, and Jeremy

Check back on Thursday night for a full review of “Gentle,” along with a peek at what is coming up for the remainder of this season.

Photo: The CW

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