‘Fashion Star’ review: Three cheers for the mentors!

It's about time.

For the first time really all season, “Fashion Star” on Tuesday night actually showed us why the mentors are valuable on the show — and with that in mind, there is admittedly now a part of us hoping that the show somehow finds a way to do more of these sort of challenges in the future.

What happened? Basically, we saw John Varvatos, Nicole Richie, and Jessica Simpson all take the contestants out to help inspire them and show them some ways to get inspired and take them out of their comfort zone. For some (Orly Shani, Ronnie Escalante), they took advantage of the chance to actually show off more of their talents. Meanwhile, others (Ross Bennett) backtracked because they became enamored with their own ideas so much that they didn’t really take as much advice as they should have.

There were some beautiful pieces this week — in particular Ronnie’s Angelina Jolie-esque “lots of leg” dress and the short dress that Luciana Scarabello put out on the runway with its rather unique design. Some of these designers are finally started to come into their own, and at the moment we wouldn’t be surprised to see a final three with Ronnie, Luciana, and longtime favorite Kara Laricks (who has sold more money in garments than anyone in this competition by far).

As for who won’t be a part of the show anymore, this was the worst part of an episode that may be the series’ best yet — mostly because it was so obvious. Everyone knew that Sarah Parrott was a bit of a constant meltdown when it came to one thing or another, and it ended up costing her this week when she actually bashed her design in front of people paying big money for top-quality work. Is anyone ever going to buy from her again after that? While H&M loved her, it was the only store she ever appealed to.

Based on what you have seen from the contestants so far, who do you think is going to make it to the end?

Photo: NBC

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