Fox’s ‘New Girl’ review: Do Nick and Jess have the passion?

Will these two ever get together?

Sam and Diane. Jim and Pam. Ross and Rachel. If you look over the history of comedy, you will see dozens of “will they or won’t they?” couples that capture the imaginations of everyone.

New Girl” may be a young show, but we are slowly starting to see Nick and Jess rise up this list. Why? Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson have brilliantly taken two characters on opposite ends of the crazy spectrum, slowly brought them together, but are still holding back enough to keep us guessing. Take for instance Tuesday night’s episode, which to Deschanel’s Jess may have been the first time she ever realized just how deeply she really cares for her roommate.

Unfortunately for her, it could not have come at a worse time. The only reason she ever said anything is because of the fallout of her relationship with Russell (Dermot Mulroney), who she didn’t have the crazy sort of spark and passion with that she was looking for. Then, she found it having an argument with Nick … while his ex Caroline was in the other room. While we have no idea how Caroline does not hear these two screaming about shaking their butts at each other, that does not make it any less funny.

While the Schmidt / Cece storyline is interesting in its own bizarre way, there’s no questioning at the moment that they are second fiddle to Nick and Jess on the meter of interesting relationships. While the writers are being effective so far at keeping them apart, how patient will we ultimately end up being? The challenge is going to be trying to find ways to continue to explore the unusual tendencies of these two characters (see Nick gardening on the rooftop in order to distract his mind) just enough so that we don’t miss them not being together — mostly because when they are together, many people will probably say that they are “boring” all of a sudden. (Oh, fickle TV viewers…)

Overall, we could not be happier with where “New Girl” is going into its final two episodes. Few shows on TV are funnier, and even fewer make us laugh while actually forcing us to care at the same time.

Photo: NBC

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