‘Top Shot’ review: The final four revealed

Down to four.

Before we actually get into what happened on “Top Shot” Tuesday night, did anyone else love the rather massive World War II vehicle featured in the preliminary challenge? It was one of the more intense tasks we’ve seen on the show, mostly in that it was the equivalent for a WWII buff to a teenager girl meeting Justin Bieber (minus the fainting).

With this challenge, the entire task was trying to focus and fire away at a series of targets with a machine gun while moving in the vehicle — and ultimately, there were a number of components to doing well with this task. Not only did you have to focus while using a new weapon, but there was also the issue of ammo conservation. The winners were (Greg and Chris) were at least somewhat surprising, but only because we are at the point now where just about any of these guys could feasibly win any task. (Greg has also been in the bottom more than anyone else in the competition.)

In addition to this, seeing Augie in the bottom two alongside Kyle also was a pretty new feeling — mostly because he’s the only member of the group to have never been in this position before. The elimination challenge really just revolved around one simple premise: trying to shoot down targets based on items that you have in a provided box. The kicker? There are also twenty decoy items in there, and if you fail to memorize your box contents correctly this could spell trouble. After all, you lose a point every time you shoot a decoy.

The final challenge here was particularly excited in how it provided the same sort of edge we typically see in an episode of “Survivor” — except with people shooting shaving cream bottles and light bulbs. Not only was it about memory, but it was also about time management — ultimately, Kyle failed at both, and he ended up shooting more decoys than actual targets that were in his box. He was a pretty likable and even at times inspiring guy, and the competition is going to be rather different without him moving forward.

With the red team captain now gone, there are only four shooters left — Augie, Chris, Greg, and Gary. Who do you want to see win?

Photo: History

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