‘Glee’ review: Kurt and Blaine drama dominates Whitney Houston tribute

What made Blaine so upset?

Poor “Glee.” The show had been doing so great when it came to making their tribute episodes as of late feel like more than just the music, and even last week’s “Saturday Night Fever” tribute had a few moments where we saw the connection between the music and the plot.

Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about Tuesday night’s “Dance with Somebody.” While most of the covers were pretty stellar (in particular the Brittany / Santana “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” duet), none of that matters if there is no substance to back it up. The theme this week? Everyone is going to miss each other. Aww. However, there was no progress when it comes to NYADA or Nationals. The only real story that we had was courtesy of some relationships.

Kurt, Blaine, and others saying goodbye РAs much as we hated the whole idea of Kurt cheating on Blaine via text messages to another guy, this story was the real highlight of the whole episode. Darren Criss showed some really good acting chops as we figured out the whole reason he has been distant lately (which led to the cheating to begin with) was because he was getting accustomed to life without him. Thankfully, the two did patch things up (in a pretty adorable fashion), and at least the bizarre texts Blaine was sending Sebastian finally came full-circle.

Early goodbyes were a theme this week, as we saw similar sort of themes from both Burt as well as Will — who was in a panic to move the wedding up to May just so that all of the kids would be around to hear him say “I do.” The message of these stories was optimistic, maybe even too much so — while it is a nice thought that everyone will come back to Lima for weddings and to see their families, it doesn’t always happen.

Quinn and Joe – Are they a rather random couple? Definitely, but we do love that Joe already has more to do on this show than Rory really has all season. (On a related note, why has Rory disappeared?) Joe helped Quinn worked through some of her rehab, and in return he started to figure out what it meant to actually feel something other than his love for Jesus.

Outside of these stories, there really wasn’t much else that actually happened, even if there was a pretty nice nod to the pilot with the performance at the end of the episode featuring the cast performing without the knowledge that Will was watching them from the wings. Even though the performance was pretty great, it didn’t really make up for the fact that (Klaine drama notwithstanding) we wanted more from this story as a whole.

What was your favorite moment from this episode?

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