‘American Idol’ preview: Goals for Jessica Sanchez, Elise Testone

What should they do?

Going into the top six on “American Idol,” there is really one question that has us begging for answers at this point — is there anyone out there who can feasibly stop the freight train that is Phillip Phillips. Not only is he the only person left to never see the bottom three, but many Colton Dixon fans are likely to migrate his way.

None of the other contestants are going to be able to surpass Phillip without a little bit of work — and as always, this always includes song choice. With all this in mind, we’re going to play a version of Jimmy Iovine here (minus the baseball cap and the snark) and try our best to dish out some advice for Queen week, which also includes a song that the “Idols” can choose of any genre.

Jessica Sanchez – Go young. Jimmy has already given her this advice, but it is worth repeating. This girl is barely old enough to drive, yet she is singing “Try a a Little Tenderness.” One of the reasons that Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina each did so well last year was because they mastered their age demographic. They were teenagers, and they acted like it. Queen song suggestion: “Somebody to Love.” After all, it could give her a moment, and it is also familiar to young voters thanks to “Glee.” It checks all the boxes!

Joshua Ledet – Find some balance. Last week, Joshua did himself a disservice in singing two songs that ended up blending together. Outside of that, though, Joshua just needs more “eating crawfish on stage” moments to show that he has a great sense of humor to go along with being this season’s best performer. Queen song suggestion: “We Are the Champions.” It’s a tough song, but he has the voice to make it work.

Hollie Cavanagh – After a pretty strong week this past time, Hollie needs to really show that she can be vulnerable when taking on some of her ballads. It isn’t enough just to be a great singer, and this is why we have chosen a song that is one of the most emotional of Freddie Mercury’s entire career. Queen song suggestion: “Who Wants to Live Forever.” It’s a beautiful song, and if she gets the theatrical element of it right she could do amazing. For reference, Hollie should watch the video below a million times for reference.

Elise Testone – We are firmly of the belief that Elise has to nail this in order to have a realistic shot at the final five, and her goal here should really just be to rock it out to the best of her ability. It’s been a few weeks since she took on “Whola Lotta Love,” so it’s about time for another performance in that vein. Queen song choice: “Another One Bites the Dust.” With the right arrangement here, this could be a great song for Elise (and a terribly ironic one considering the competition).

Skylar Laine – After finding ways to turn Motown into country, Skylar’s going to have a hard time with Queen. The best she can really do is find something that she could mold into the Miranda Lambert-esque country rock and spend most of her time focusing on the later performance. Queen song choice: “We Will Rock You.”

Phillip Phillips – Finally, we have Phillip — and we have already taken his obvious song choice in “We Will Rock You” away. If the judges are going to pour the “artist” label on him, let’s see him actually take a song that would be difficult for his voice and mold it into something great! While he could stay the course and likely win, we’d rather see him actually try to stretch himself to be a success after the show. Queen song choice: “Under Pressure.” He may have to mess with the key, but for him to come out and do the same ol’ thing would be a shame.

Check back tomorrow, as we are going to have the actual song choices of the top 6 — including which modern songs they are going to tackle.

Photo: Fox

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