Fox’s ‘House’ preview: Robert Sean Leonard speaks out; finale speculation

Expect him to be a focus.

If you haven’t watched Monday night’s new episode of “House” yet, you probably should stop reading now. Otherwise, keep reading for a sneak peek at what is going to be coming up over the coming weeks.

As the episode revealed in rather stunning fashion, Wilson is going to be now fighting for his life courtesy of a cancer diagnosis, but he is not wanting to go about it in a traditional way. Rather than have people walk by him and gawk at his hospital bed, he is instead going to try and undergo treatment at la casa de House. Is this going to work out very well? We don’t know yet, but the series finale title (“Everybody Dies”) still has us more than a little bit freaked out.

Hugh Laurie is actually directing Monday night’s episode, which Robert Sean Leonard says actually serves as a comfort for him since he is dealing with such heavy material. From one standpoint, Wilson’s illness could justify the reappearances of such familiar faces as Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) and Masters (Amber Tamblyn) in the series finale — we just hope that the character makes it that long.

Based on everything we are hearing, there is one thing we can guarantee about the finale — don’t expect everything to be tied up in a neat little bow. It may very well be just another day at the office, and it’s more likely that we will see that than something sweeping and melodramatic.

Photo: Fox

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