‘Glee’ preview: Spoilers, expectations from Whitney Houston tribute

There will be dancing.

Since we are now mere hours away from the Whitney Houston tribute episode of “Glee” airing, it’s about time we get to what people really want to know — what is this episode going to be about, exactly?

(Warning: The following contains spoilers.)

A number of media outlets have caught the episode already, and in between these spoilers and those from other source we have a list of the origin of some stories for this week:

1. First things first, the idea for a Whitney tribute comes from Mr. Schuester, and it is somehow linked to Emma’s goal of getting her custom pamphlets spread across the country.

2. In keeping with the Will theme, he is going to try and push to have the wedding moved up to May — but it’s still to be seen whether or not that will actually happen.

3. It’s true that Blaine and Kurt will go through some drama this week, but not all of it is going to revolve around Kurt getting ready to leave McKinley. (We’re not saying that “Klaine” is going to break up, but you better have your hankies ready regardless.)

4. Rachel than focusing much on Rachel and Finn, this week will look more at Rachel’s bond (or lack thereof) with Santana.

5. Finally, expect to see much more of Quinn and Joe getting to know each other a little better. We don’t personally hate the idea of these two together, but it would be rather nice to actually know more about the guy before you put him with one of the biggest stars on the show.

What do you want to see happen during this episode? check back Tuesday night, as we are going to have a full review of how this hour plays out (and hopefully the music is a little less hokey than hearing falsetto that all sounds the same a la last week).

Photo: Fox

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