Fox’s ‘House’ review: Wilson’s [spoiler] and the path to the finale


(Warning: If you do not want to know the shocker at the end of Monday night’s “House,” you are probably best suited to cease reading now.)

There are times in which we end up being surprised watching television — then, there are times when we are completely and totally shocked to the point of being metaphorically socked in the gut. Monday night provided the latter opportunity, as finding out Wilson — and not House — is going to be the person who spends much of the rest of the series fighting for his life.

In case you haven’t heard, next week’s episode is entitled “The C Word” — which makes the situation for Robert Sean Leonard’s character all the more grim. (Of course, the fact that the May 21 series finale is entitled “Everybody Dies” doesn’t really help.) We don’t actually know what the fate of Wilson will be, but it’s an understatement to say that we’re worried about him.

While we already know that this move by David Shore and company is polarizing, we love it for one reason — it completely balks at the notion of everyone thinking they had this series all figured out already. It looked obvious that we were going to see House breathe his last breath, and now instead we will witness him go through an entirely different sort of pain as he comes to terms with something that he has had so little of in his life — a true friend.

Do you think that in putting Wilson in danger of losing his life, the road to the finale just became that much more interesting?

Photo: Fox

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