‘Hart of Dixie’ recap: Scotty McCreery brings romance for Zoe and George

They finally kissed!

On the last episode of ‘Hart of Dixie’ Lemon reveals to George that she and Lavon had an affair while he was in New York and although she is truly apologetic and assures George that it will never happen again, he calls off the wedding and breaks off their relationship.  George is also upset that Zoe knew about the affair and didn’t tell him, so he decides to end their friendship as well.

On tonight’s episode of ‘Hart of Dixie‘ Wade wakes up from his drunken haze to find a large shirt by his bed and someone in his shower, but he can’t remember who it was he brought home.  As it turns out Tom is the person in Wade’s shower and Tom explains that he found Wade walking drunk on the side of the road and brought him home.  As for the mystery shirt, Tom has no clue who it belongs to or where Wade’s missing car is.

Wade finds out that the shirt belongs to big Ethel and that he snatched it from a clothes line because he was walking around without any clothes on. Wade notices that he’s having an allergic reaction to being near a rabbit and the only person in town with a rabbit is Tansy, his ex-wife and he realizes that he may have hooked up with her during his drunken rampage.  Tansy shows up at the Rammer Jammer to bring Wade his car back and he tries to apologize for being drunk and hooking up with her, but she tells him that nothing happened even though he tried to and he ended up getting kicked out of her house without his clothes on.

Lemon and Zoe both come up with the idea to bring food to George’s office to help make him feel better about what happened, but when they get there to cheer him up, they see him out on the street smiling, laughing and dancing.  George comes over to them, acting like nothing’s wrong and takes their food and turns around and dances away.

At Dash’s review rehearsal George is still acting happy and when Lemon calls him out on his peculiar behavior, asking him if he remembers what happened he says that he does with a giant grin on his face.  George tells her that he’s sure that she’s very sorry, but says that the relationship is still over.  Since George and Lemon haven’t told anyone that the wedding is off and they are still doing a duet together at the review, Lemon’s new plan is to kiss him at the end of their duet to provoke a fight so that they can get it all out in the open and move forward together.

Zoe is convinced that George is in deep denial and wants to force him into the next stage of grief, anger, before he stays in denial and ends up marrying Lemon.  She finds George and he apologizes for the night before, saying that he shouldn’t have taken everything out on her.  She tries to get him to realize that he’s in denial, but he says that he’s actually feeling relief that he finally knows the truth and is ready to go move forward.

Later Zoe sees George riding around on a motorcycle and he tells her that he’s ditching the review and heading to New Orleans, because he’s focusing on what he wants to do, not what other’s want him to do.  Hours later Zoe receives a call from George inviting her to come down to New Orleans and join him for some fun and Zoe jumps at the offer.

At the review Lemon learns that George isn’t coming to the review and she leaves right before her performance.  Magnolia decides to tell Brick the truth about Lemon and George’s break up and he takes off to find Lemon to support her.

Zoe meets up with George at a blues club in New Orleans and they are chatting up a couple that is on their honeymoon and for some reason George puts his arm around Zoe and says that they are on their honeymoon as well.  Zoe plays along and the chemistry between them is undeniable.  ‘American Idol’ winner Scotty McCreery surprises the bar patrons when takes the stage at the bar and starts singing his hit song ‘The Trouble With Girls’ and George and Zoe take to the dance floor.  While they are dancing George reveals that since the moment he met Zoe that she wiggled her way into his heart and he finally kisses her.  He suggests that they spend the night together in New Orleans and Zoe goes to book the hotel room, but as she is on the phone George and Lemon’s wedding song starts playing and George is forced to face all of his angry, hurt feelings about Lemon and Lavon.  George takes off out of the bar and Zoe catches up to him to tell him that it’s best if the just head home.

When they get back home George thanks Zoe for a magical night, but he knows that he needs to deal with his anger.  He sees Lavon on the street and punches him square in the nose knocking him down.  George heads over to Lemon’s house to tell her how hurt and angry he is and they will finally have a chance to talk things out.

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