‘Make It or Break It’ recap: Lauren is hopsitalized, who survives the NGO cuts?

Will Lauren be cut from the team?

On last week’s episode of ‘Make It or Break It’ Kelly’s mother tries to buy a spot on the Olympic team by offering coach Mac a promotional deal, but the coach turns it down. Lauren has an irregular heart beat and it’s causing her fainting spells, but no one knows outside of Payson.  Kaylie and Payson’s friendship is so strained that when Payson’s father reveals that they are moving back to Minnesota, Payson would rather stay with Lauren then Kaylie. Austin and Kaylie tell each other that they love each other for the first time and Payson is eagerly awaiting Rigo’s return.

This week on ‘Make It or Break It‘ NGO representative Regina Turner joins coach Mac to help with the elimination week.  If the girls fail to impress this round they get sent home, but if they impress Regina and coach Mac they will go on.  The girls have to be prepared for all four sections, but they are hoping that the coach won’t ask for more than two routines.  Coach puts a 7 pm curfew on the girls to get them to focus on one of the most important week of their lives.

Payson is still worried about Lauren’s health, but Lauren tells her that right after the NGO cuts she has an appointment to see the specialist. Rigo’s back in town and Payson is upset that she can’t see him because of the curfew, so Lauren helps Payson break out after curfew to meet up with him – unfortunately Jordan sees them leaving.

Regina meets with coach Mac the same night in his office and she wants to know who is focused and who is not, but coach Mac insists that everyone is focused he received a text message from the snitch telling him that ‘someone’ has broken curfew.

When Payson returns from her date with Rigo, coach Mac is waiting in their room and decides that instead of them performing on day two that they will now be on day one since they clearly don’t need the extra time to rehearse.  Coach Mac moves Jordan and Wendy to day two making the girls even more sure of the fact that Jordan is the snitch.

When Kaylie returns to her room Kelly’s momager, Sheila, is waiting for her and tries to shake Kaylie’s confidence by bringing up her eating disorder and giving her chocolate.  Sheila pushes Kaylie to stay away from her daughter so that Kelly can be more focused on the competition, but Kaylie pushes back and rubs her friendship with Kelly in her face.

Payson tells Rigo what’s happening with Lauren’s health hoping that he might have some advice for her on how to handle the situation, even though it’s pretty clear that she’s already made up her mind to tell coach Mac.  Rigo tells her not to tell anyone because after all the hard work Lauren has put in she deserves a chance to go for the gold.  Payson becomes upset at him and feels that putting Lauren in danger is stupid and reckless.

Coach Mac tries to push Jordan into using her signature move ‘The Layout Jordan’ for the NGO panel – the one that she hasn’t done in years, but she doesn’t want to and is confident that she can wow them with her triple dismount.

At day one of the routines, Payson is asked for her beam routine and she rocks out a stellar performance, but has a little trouble with the dismount.  Lauren steps up to the beam to perform, but Payson runs up to the coach and tells him about Lauren’s problem.  Lauren is then removed from the program (maybe only temporarily?) and sent to the medical center.

Payson finally talks to Kaylie ending their cold war and tells her everything that happened with Lauren.  Kaylie tells her that they three of them will get through it together.

Kelly meets with her mother and Sheila continues to try and push her away from her friends to put her focus back on the gold.  After Sheila leaves her room Wendy comes to the door to give Sheila her signed contract, but since she’s not there she gives it to Kelly.  Kelly is blindsided by her mother signing Wendy and she goes to Kaylie for support making their friendship stronger than ever before.

At Wendy and Jordan’s elimination round Wendy feels she’s performed perfectly and when it’s Jordan’s turn she stumbles when landing her triple dismount. They ask to see her signature move the ‘Layout Jordan’ and says that if they don’t see it then she’s off the team.  Jordan walks out of the gym without showing the panel anything.

Kaylie and Kelly are up next to do their best to impress the NGO panel and while Kaylie gives a stellar performance, Kelly has trouble and messes up her landing.

Coach Mac finally posts the list and we learn that Wendy goes through, Payson and Kaylie make it, but Kelly is cut from the team.  Sheila comes over and starts ripping into Kelly about becoming friends with the competition and losing her focus.  Kelly tells Sheila that she’s quitting the sport and tells her to go and work with Wendy.  Sheila tells Kelly that she was only using Wendy to get information about Kelly’s friends to get them in trouble.

Wendy reveals to Sheila that she’s been playing everyone and that her goal is to take the Rock girls down and Sheila tells Wendy to watch her back.

Coach Mac finds Jordan to ask why she won’t do the move and why she’s willing to leave the competition instead of doing her signature move.  Jordan doesn’t want to talk about it and is packed and ready to leave, but Coach Mac tells her that she made the list and is advancing.

Payson and Kaylie visit Lauren in the hospital and Lauren is furious at Payson saying that she purposely sabotaged her chance to perform after Payson messed up her own dismount and tells Payson that she never wants to see her again. Payson leaves the hospital completely distraught, but Rigo is there waiting to comfort her.

At this point it’s unclear if Lauren has been cut from the team or not since she never actually had a chance to perform for the NGO panel.  Be sure to tune in next week to see what happens to Lauren.

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