‘Dancing with the Stars’ review: Katherine Jenkins rules Motown night

Katherine had the top score.

This week, “Dancing with the Stars” did everything it could to emulate the Motown sound — there were legendary singers, great music, and then dancing that really did not have any connection whatsoever to the music.

Gladys Knight and Tristan MacManus – We’re kind of surprised to see Gladys go first considering the theme, mostly because we thought the show was going to be milking this for all it was worth.

Even though Gladys was put in the spot of death, they still gave her a chance to her former touring partners in the Temptations and a song that she loves in “My Girl.” Unfortunately, her performance did not do a particularly great job living up to the music. It appeared as though she forgot the final thirty seconds of the routine, and it looked as though having her friends performing may have been a distraction. Score: 21 (and that was fairly generous)

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough – Maria and Derek has a much better routine overall for their foxtrot, even though there rendition this week was still not perfect by any means. Maria slipped going down the stairs on her dress, and she also fell behind at one point later in the evening.

The best thing Maria has going for her, though, is that even when she does stumble, she manages to do so much right that she is able to still receive some pretty fantastic scores. Thanks to a great hold and some great entertainment (even without a kiss this week), she once again has to be pleased. Score: 26

Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower –  Is it too early to say that Roshon is probably going to be in the bottom two? We feel bad for him in a way, mostly because he’s obviously trying his best, and he has to be incredible just about every week in order to be able to avoid being in jeopardy thanks to a small voting block.

This rumba unfortunately was just mediocre. Roshon was ahead for most of the routine, and it felt a bit too much like a “look what I can do!” dance rather than something that was happening naturally between two people. Score: 23

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas – Did Katherine really just have to do a samba to the Temptations? She was immediately at a disadvantage thanks solely to the song choice, but the good news is that the dance itself was so good you wouldn’t have even realized it.

After watching this brilliant rendition, we really started to wonder just what it was going to take for someone to get a 10 from Len Goodman. The man still has not handed one out this season, despite Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli handing them out. Score: 29

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd – First things first, we have to say that we loved the royal blue suit that Donald was wearing here. So classy! With that, we have to say that we actually loved this routine even more than Katherine’s. It was so elegant, smooth, and it just felt natural.

After the build-up here with Donald talking to a cardboard cutout of Len in the rehearsal package, we were almost sure that it was going to happen here. Instead, what we saw instead was a score that put him near (but not at) the top. Score: 27

Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy – Melissa is finally going up in the competition! After getting frustrated over getting 21s for two straight weeks, this may have been her comeback performance — even if the editors once again chose to have some fun at the expense of Maks’ “teaching methods.”

The interesting thing about Melissa is just how she is becoming a sort of quiet warrior — she is managing to stay around despite not getting much hype, and she could be a major threat if she makes it far enough. Score: 24

Jaleel White and Kym Johnson – Speaking of comebacks, where did these two come from? After Jaleel was in the bottom two last week, we pretty much had considered him to more or less be dead on arrival this week. However, he turned things around and gave their best performance of the season.

While there was a crispness to the performance, what really made this routine stand out for Jaleel was simply that he and Kym actually seemed to enoying their time together. Score: 29

William Levy and Cheryl Burke – Once again, we have to say that the show could not make their love for William more obvious if they tried. Is this guy ever going to perform early in the show? Everyone knows that he is a great dancer, so to see him do well on the rumba was no surprise at all.

However, there were still plenty of problems with this dance — and we are still somehow surprised how Bruno can give a dance a 10 that really didn’t have that much actual content in it at all. Score: an overrated 27

The marathon – It’s a bit hard to actually judge everyone individually since the marathons are always a bit of a televised cluster-you-know-what. With that in mind, we’re just going to share the scores that the judges handed down. (These scores are added to the ones above.)

3 points – Gladys Knight

4 point – Maria Menounos

5 points – Roshon Fegan

6 points – Melissa Gilbert

7 points – Donald Driver

8 points – Jaleel White

9 points – Willian Levy

10 points – Katherine Jenkins

Who was your favorite dancer? Be sure to vote in our poll below, and as always share your thoughts with a comment! Even though she was the star of the night thematically, we have to say that going first has Gladys in trouble.

Photo: ABC

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