‘Make It Or Break It’ spoilers: Momager’s reign of terror unites Kelly and Kaylie

Her friendship with Kelly is growing stronger

Last week on ‘Make It Or Break It’ Kelly’s momager (played by Kathy Najimy) came to the training center with plans to bribe coach Mac into making Kelly the team leader.  Kelly just wanted to spend time with her mother and leave the manager stuff behind them (since her mother fired Kelly as a client anyhow), but Kelly’s mom wasn’t interested in quality time with her daughter.  After watching her mother act a fool, Kelly’s bond with Kaylie grew even tighter – something fans never thought they’d see happen after Kelly’s previous betrayal.

Even though family week is over at the training center, Kelly’s mom is apparently not done terrorizing the faculty and Josie Loren (Kaylie) tells Hollywood Life that her presence on tonight’s episode will actually move Kelly and Kaylie’s friendship to the next level.  She said;

“Kelly’s mom is crazy.  Kaylie sees that now, and she and sees why Kelly did some of the things she did. It actually strengthens their relationship.  As a friend, you don’t want to see your friends hurt, so she definitely stands up for Kelly. … There are actually a couple of really lovely scenes between Kaylie and Kelly. I think people will enjoy the friendship that’s forming between those two.”

It sends a really positive message to fans watching Kaylie and Kelly rising above their issues from the past and learning to forgive and forget, especially since it’s easier to just hold a grudge.  With Kaylie and Payson’s relationship unraveling at the speed of light, it’s nice to see Kaylie developing close bonds with other people and not completely falling to pieces.

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Photo: ABC Family

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