‘The Client List’ review: Riley tells her kids the truth about Kyle

Riley's being honest with her kids about Kyle

Last time on ‘The Client List’ Riley learned that Kyle was secretly battling an addiction to prescription medication after she meets up with Maxine, a fellow recovering addict.   She also learns her mother is secretly dating a new man named Garrett and with all the secrets floating around Riley starts to feel the pressure of her own.

This week on ‘The Client List’ Riley finds that no matter how much money she makes she can’t seem to climb out from under the pile of debt Kyle and her accumulated while he was out of work. Selena suggests that they double up on a client that has been asking for two girls saying that he is a big tipper and it could be enough money to help Riley get out from under the mountain of debt.  When Riley finds out that the client isn’t meeting them at the massage parlor she fears that the line is about to be crossed into escort territory and she isn’t sure what to do.

With Kyle being gone Riley’s kids are starting to act out and she’s unable to get control of them.  While at work she receives a phone call from the school and she reschedules her appointment with the business man, Don, lying on her table for later in the day to go and find out what’s going on with her kids.  When Riley gets to the school she learns that Katie has had an altercation with a boy, Zack, in the playground where she used some “expressive” language and is suspended for the rest of the day.  Riley exchanges some heated words with Mark Flemming, Zack’s father, before marching Katie out of the school.

When Riley returns to work, she has missed her rescheduled appointment with Don and Georgia pulls her into her office to talk.  Riley thinks she’s about to be told off by Georgia, but she offers Riley a chance to take on a managerial position instead. When the girls find out that Riley didn’t get fired and in fact she will be managing the client list, Selena tries to work the best clients out of Riley.  With the new promotion (and bump up in pay) Riley decides not to join Selena on the ‘double date’ with the client outside of work and tells Selena that she can’t do the gig either because it’s unfair to Georgia’s business.  Selena tells Riley that she just “bit the hand that fed her” leaving Riley wondering what Selena has planned.

Evan meets up with his friend who works for the police department who tells him that he ran Kyle’s name again through their system to see if there was any new leads on him and learns that he has taken off to Mexico.

Lynette suggests that they have a family dinner to try and create some stability for the children and she brings her new boyfriend Garrett.  Evan shows up thinking that they are going to be alone so he can tell her about Kyle, but when he finds the whole crew is at the house for dinner he decides to wait. Mark shows up at Riley’s house during the dinner to try and apologize for Zack’s part in the fight, but Katie slams the door in their face, leaving things in an even worse situation.  When Riley finds out that Zack said her father is dead, she realizes why Katie was so upset.  Evan suggests that it’s time to tell the children the truth about Kyle and reveals that he’s left the country.

While Riley is off work, Selena goes into the computer when no one’s looking and books Don in for an appointment with Riley, knowing she won’t be able to make it.  Don shows up and he’s upset that there’s yet again another problem and Georgia tries to fix the situation. Georgia calls and tells Riley to come in right away to take care of Don, but she refuses.  When Don finds out that Riley isn’t coming in he’s furious and suggests that he might expose the business, but Georgia threatens to expose him for paying for his visits on the company dime and they reach a mutual understanding.  After the exchange of words Selena runs out after Don and offers to take care of him outside of work not realizing that Jolene is watching.

The next day Jolene tells Riley everything that Selena did and that she made plans to meet Don at the Baxter motel.  Riley intercepts Don before going into the hotel and she learns that Don’s been acting like a big jerk because the promotion he thought he was getting turned out to be a pink slip.  She convinces Don to come back to the parlor for a massage on the house, leaving Selena waiting at the hotel for no one.  Riley ends up telling Georgia that she’s not able to take the managerial position at this point because she has too much going on to give it her full focus.

Riley meets up with Mark to talk about what went on between their kids, telling him that Zack told Katie that her father was dead when he’s not.  Mark tells her that his wife passed away two years ago and that he’s a single parent too.  Later Riley sits down with her kids and tells them the truth about Kyle leaving.  They don’t take the news well, but at least they have a better understanding of the situation now.

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