‘Hart of Dixie’ preview: George focuses on himself – and Zoe

George is focused on himself now

When we last saw George on ‘Hart of Dixie’ he had learned that everyone he trusted had betrayed him.  Lemon confessed to having an affair with Levon, and he found out that Zoe knew about the indiscretion and didn’t tell him causing him to turn his back on everyone.

Fans can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen on tonight’s episode now that the truth is out there.  Is George going to forgive Lemon?  What about his friendship with Zoe, is it ruined for good now that he knows about her betrayal? Scott Porter spoke to Entertainment Weekly about George and how his focus has now shifted from everyone else and has landed solely on himself.  Fans will watch as George takes up motorcycle riding, fluffs off commitments and takes off to New Orleans.  Porter said;

“It’s literally George going, ‘I’ve been focusing on everyone else. I’m going to focus on what I want.’ And when you see what George Tucker really wants out of his life, you’re going to be very surprised.”

So now that George has broken off his engagement with Lemon and is finally a free man, what are his thoughts on  Zoe?  Porter said;

“I’ve said since the beginning that when he talks to Zoe she’s a window into a parallel universe where his life is much different.  It’s so easy with her to see himself in a different life and with a different path in life and he loves that about her, I think…so it’s interesting that she’s the first person he’s right with before going off on his journey.”

While many shows wait until their season finale to bring out the big guns, ‘Hart of Dixie’ isn’t afraid to bring them out early, setting this show apart from the rest.  There is going to be a big jaw dropping moment that is said to leave fans speechless tonight, so keep your eyes peeled.

Photo: CW

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