‘Survivor: One World’ preview: Kat becomes the focus

Could she change the game?

We always have a theory about new previews for “Survivor” — they are designed more to get you following the wrong path just as often as they are designed to actually get you the correct guess as to what is going to happen during the actual episode.

With that in mind, does anyone else find it particularly curious that the new promo for Wednesday night’s new episode actually focuses more on Kat (who apparently has a bit of a mini-meltdown at Tribal Council) than it does Troyzan? Considering everything he went through last week, he obviously made himself out to be an underdog (even if his own arrogance about being in the situation to begin with hardly made him an underdog worth cheering for).

What really seems to be happening based on this new clip is that Sabrina and Alicia realize that their present alliance is really all about Kim and Chelsea, and the key really seems to be trying to get some more people on board. Kat is a key here, but there really isn’t indication that she is going to change up her allegiance at all. In addition to that, there’s also no indication that the girls are doing anything more here than just brainstorming versus making an actual move.

While the preview doesn’t show it (mostly due to, in using our earlier theory, it would probably put us too much on the right track) the real likely scenario for this episode is simple. If Troyzan loses immunity, he’s still leaving regardless of what any of the women talk about doing at camp. He’s just too big of a threat on a jury that is all men so far. Meanwhile, if he does win the necklace Tarzan is likely going to be the guy who is sent packing. Why? As much as he is the perfect guy to sit next to at the end of the season, he’s also the last guy standing and if the women really want to stick together until the finale six, they have to remain a solid block.

Do you think that Kat is really going to let her emotions get the best of her and make a big move?

Photo: CBS

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