‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ review: Clay Aiken, Dayana Mendoza put on a display

How did he do?

Usually on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” there is a task that at least creates some sort of ambiguity when it comes to the task. However, this week is more or less night and day when it comes to who wins and who loses.

The task was a simple one — design a window display for “Success,” the newest cologne from Donald Trump that we are sure smells like hairpieces and the tears of poor people confidence and dedication. Aubrey O’Day decided to be the Project Manager for team Unanimous, while Clay Aiken took the reigns for Forte.

Team Unanimous: sinking her own ship?

Aubrey spent most of the episode saying that she “deserved” the win, and she¬†certainly¬†tried her hardest to explain why exactly she was a winner more so than anyone else on her team — so much so that she spent most of this challenge continuing to take credit for everything.

Unfortunately for Aubrey, her display really didn’t seem that great. It looked like more of a science fair project than a real display, and the silhouette of Eric Trump (a move possibly motivated for brownie points) really was just extremely unnecessary and didn’t really connect with anything. Arsenio Hall realized that there were problems here, but rather than actually help he opted to instead more or less let Aubrey sink her own ship here. Was her presentation good? Outside of a weird joke about Arsenio’s manhood, sure.

Team Forte: wait, we have to present?

On a question of the display alone, there’s no question that Clay’s team killed Aubrey’s. Dayana was used brilliantly as a model, and we loved how the lighting was used to actually show off the product. (Plus, there was no irritating silhouette of a Trump family member used at all.)

However, Clay more or less butchered the presentation worse than anyone we’ve ever seen this season — mostly because he didn’t think he really didn’t need to do a presentation. He stumbled around like he was pleading for his life, and no one on his team threw him any sort of life raft. That being said, we really thought that Clay did a pretty great job when it came to this presentation.

The boardroom: are we hearing this correctly?

Get ready for a shocker: Aubrey actually won this challenge, despite having the presentation that looked far less appealing. What was the reason? The only thing we can think of here is that the people at Macy’s controlling Trump’s fragrance line hated the Forte slogan “You earned it” — which they thought was pompous. Is it? Sure, but you also have to remember that so is Trump! In addition to that, the other slogan in “always trust your instincts” is not something you really say to yourselves before you buy some cologne. It’s indulgence, and “you earned it” screams that to us.

Unfortunately, this decision really spelled trouble for one person above anyone else — Penn Jillette. Why? He came up with the quote, and even though everyone signed up on it these sort of “mistakes” have been what Trump has been going after as of late. There was also some trouble courtesy of the photo being too large, and this was a problem that no one could be blamed for.

Clay was at least a smart Project Manager in picking the two people who really did deserve to go back into the boardroom with him — Penn (just for the slogan) and Dayana Mendoza (based on history). Yet again, though, Trump inexplicably stood up for Dayana yet again for doing a pretty good job this task. However, there has to be something to be said for her team continuing to lose! Did he say he wanted to fire her? Sure, but he didn’t fire her.

We knew that Trump was going to fire Penn from the moment that they didn’t like the slogan, even though we think it’s pretty insane that a man was fired for really making his only real mistake over the course of the whole competition.

What did you think about Trump’s firing this week?

Photo: NBC


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