AMC’s ‘The Killing’ review: A secret about Rosie’s parents is revealed

Who is Rosie's real father?

Last week on AMC’s ‘The Killing’ we learned that the boy with the Ogi Jun tattoo, Lexy Gifford was the son of a man Larsen was suspected of killing in almost the same manor Rosie died.  When they searched the boy’s apartment they found a hand drawn picture of Rosie with lines drawn all over her face.  Holder and Linden are close to having a new suspect in Rosie’s killing.

This week on ‘The Killing‘ Linden and Holder focus their investigation on Lexy and his whereabouts, beginning their search with his mother, Monica.  Linden and Holder push for his whereabouts and she eventually gives him up. They find Lexy fast asleep in a room in the basement of Monica’s place.

Once Lexy is at the police station, Holder questions him while Linden watches through a two way mirror. Linden reveals to her boss that Gifford’s prints were found on the super 8 camera and Rosie’s back pack – the one left on the doorstep of the Larsen’s house.  Traces of the drug used on Rosie and found under her finger nails were also found on the straps of the backpack.  After Holder is finished questioning Gifford, Linden goes up to bat and tries to play the good cop, saying that she understands why he did what he did, going after Rosie since Stan took away his father – his protector, leaving him with his emotionally unstable mother.  Gifford reveals that Rosie hated her parents, but when Linden presses him on how he knows that or why she hated them, he clams up.

Realizing that she’s not getting anywhere and she only has two hours left before she has to let him go, Linden decides to scan Gifford’s phone to find out if he called the phone Rosie’s burned phone or vice versa. When they get the records they find out that Rosie has called him and she once left a message on his voicemail saying; “Oh my god Lexy where are you? I’m not even supposed to be here.  I saw him again.  Lex I’m in so much trouble if anybody finds out I’m here, please call me the second you get this.  I can’t talk anymore Please Lex help me.”

With the new information in hand Linden and Holder try questioning Lexy again, only this time they deduce from the phone calls that every Friday night Rosie went to the casino and Lexy would pick her up and drive her to the ferry.  They ask who the person is that Rosie said she was scared of in the phone call and Lexy admits that when she was in the car with him she saw someone in another car and ducked down.  Before they can find out who she was hiding from, Lexy’s lawyer shows up and their time with him is over.  Stan heads to the station to give Linden a list of names from his past that might be connected with Rosie’s killing, but when he sees Gifford in the questioning room he realizes that the cops are already ahead of him.  Stan later can’t fight the feelings that are developing between him and Terry and they give into them, sharing a kiss – unfortunately Terry isn’t wiling to give up working the streets as a call girl.

Mitch is still holed up in a hotel and looking out of her room window she sees a young girl and her boyfriend having a heated fight by the pool. Later Mitch runs into the girl at a diner and offers to buy her breakfast.  Mitch explains that she saw her earlier fighting with her boyfriend and the girl says that she’s not romantically involved with him.  Although Mitch hasn’t made her intentions towards this young girl clear yet, it’s fairly obvious to see that she wants to help this girl as some sort of penance for what happened to Rosie.

While trying to handle everything at work Linden’s son, Jack, is sick at home with a fever, so she promises to bring him home some medicine as soon as she’s off work.  Unfortunately with the new developments in the case with Lexy, a few hours turns into almost a full day and when she returns home her ex husband is in her apartment to give her an earful about not taking care of Jack, saying that she cares more about Rosie then her own son.

Holder leaves his car for a minute while staking out Janek’s place by himself and when he returns Lexy is in the back seat and tells him to drive.  They head over to Linden’s apartment and Holder brings her out to the car to talk to Lexy.  He tells them that his plan was to kill Stan, but then he met Rosie and it all changed.  He describes the car that Rosie was hiding from that night at the ferry, a black town car, but says that he couldn’t see the person because the windows were tinted.  He tells them that Rosie had a lot of secrets and that she wouldn’t even tell him what she was doing at the casino, but she did tell him that she found out that Stan wasn’t her real father and that’s why she hated her parents.

Richmond is still in the hospital feeling sorry for himself, unable to push through the grief of losing the use of his legs, but after Jamie tells him that Adams framed him and that the toll booth photo was faked Richmond vows to destroy Adams.

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