‘The Amazing Race 20’ review: Did Mark & Bopper wear down in India?

Kentucky hit some bumps in the road.

After watching the Bollywood-themed Roadblock on “The Amazing Race,” we can’t help but wonder whether or not the task itself was entertaining enough to make up for the fact that we had to watch some of the guys set back gender equality about fifty years. First, we had Art & JJ complaining about how they had an unfair advantage because girls are just better dancers; then, both these guys and Brendon ended up talking about Rachel having some trouble because she is a girl and therefore “emotional.” Really, guys? This is why Mark & Bopper are the undisputed fan favorites this season — while they struggled in this task, at least they didn’t complain about it or try and stereotype women in any way.

Unfortunately, this was a tough leg all around for Team Kentucky. Bopper’s knee injury kept him from running, and they arrived to the Roadblock behind. them. Then, they fell even more behind when Mark was so sick from the car ride over that he could barely stand up straight in doing the Roadblock.

Before we get to the elimination, let’s focus on some of the other key events during this episode:

The #1 team – There was really no question as to who was going to win this leg. Rachel (of team Dave & Rachel, otherwise known as the team with a guy obsessed with the phrase “listen to your husband!”) was a dancer in school, and she had no problem either with this or the driving-themed Detour later this episode.

Can anyone really stop these two at this point? We’re really not so sure, since they’ve been dominant so far.

Revenge? – Even though Brendon & Rachel were not in any danger of going home, it was still a pretty funny moment to see “Big Brother” completely school Art & JJ at a physical activity in cricket during the Detour. It brought them in second place over the Border Patrol Agents, while Vanessa & Ralph were in fourth.

Since there was no drama at all, let’s just say that we were really pretty thrilled to see Mark & Bopper ultimately finish the Roadblock in order to inspire their families … and in the process, not giving up kept them in the race! Had these two given up, we have a hard time thinking that they would have been given a safe thanks to it being a non-elimination. As it is, though, they are still around and could end up winning the race.

Who is your favorite team left, and do you think Mark & Bopper really have a chance at winning?

Photo: CBS

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