‘Once Upon a Time’ review: August W. Booth creates fools’ gold

The truth is out.

It’s been a long three weeks since we have seen a new “Once Upon a Time,” so the show had a good bit of making up to do. Thankfully, the absence made the heart grow fonder, and we enjoyed this episode thoroughly regardless of our continued disdain for the way in which the David / Mary Margaret story has unfolded.

While there were moments involving these “star-crossed lovers” this week, really the episode was focused mostly around the characters of Rumpelstiltskin/ Mr. Gold, and the journey to try and figure out the identity of his true son.

So who did his boy turn out to be in Storybrooke? This was the major shocker of the entire episode as we learned that it was August W. Booth at first … but just minutes later, found out that this was a rather large red herring. Booth tried to convince Mr. Gold that he was in fact his son, but gave himself away when he tried to use his own knife (pictured) against him to try and control him — something that Rumpelstiltskin’s child would never do.

While the trickery of this episode could come across as frustrating, we still appreciated all of the emphasis but this week into learning how exactly Rumpelstiltskin’s boy was lost, and just what he has been going through in an effort to try and get the child back. This eventually leads to him residing in his castle later on in the timeline, which is where he met Emilie de Ravin’s character of Belle (who will appear again later this season).

Ultimately, we did not find out who is the true son of Rumpelstiltskin during this episode — though we did see the full ramifications of Mr. Gold’s decision to bring Kathryn back into the world. Sydney attempted to confess to her kidnapping in an attempt to clear Regina’s name, and Emma responded with a bombshell of her own — if she wants to try and control everyone in the town, then she is going to remove her biological son from the situation. It was a stunning end to what was a pretty exciting episode, and next we can pretty guarantee that we will find more about who August really is, and why he still has knowledge of the fairytale world while in Storybrooke.

What did you think about this episode?

Photo: ABC

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