‘Harry’s Law’ review: Reality stars gone wild and a runaway juror

Harry sides with a runaway juror

Last week on ‘Harry’s Law’ Harry and Sam enter a contest and if Harry wins, Sam will drop the lawsuit against her.  Later they decide to double the bet, which would leave Harry losing her entire law firm is she doesn’t win.  The office pulls together for the contest and they bring home the win and save the law firm.

This week on ‘Harry’s Law’ Phoebe cons Adam into coming to her office to try to get him to come work for her. Adam finds out that Phoebe is defending a high profile reality star named Tina, whose husband, Elliott, committed suicide while she was on the show and she is now being sued by her husband’s family.  After a lot of consideration Adam ends up deciding to work with Phoebe on the case.  While it’s not exactly clear if he will be moving over to Phoebe’s firm at this point, he will at the very least be working on this case with her.

In court a family member Elliott takes the stand and says that Tina forced her husband to go on the reality show regardless of the fact that he didn’t want to and humiliated him on television causing him to take his own life.  The family member reveals that he was fragile before the show and had low self esteem issues and that if he hadn’t been on the show he might still be here today.

Later Phoebe and Adam go through tapes of the reality show with Tina and see how badly she emotionally abused her husband on the show. Phoebe realizes that she and Adam need to spend some time with her to try and mold her and give her nicer disposition for the stand.  What made the whole situation feel like it was actually happening was when we saw Nancy Grace on her show ripping Tina to shreds – Loves it!

Back in court Tina says that they play the fights up explaining that it’s not fake exactly, but that they played it up for the cameras knowing that if they didn’t they’d be cut from the show.  She says that initially Elliott didn’t resist the show, but after the first season he wanted to leave afraid that it would ruin their marriage.  They later decided that they would at least stay one more season after being offered a big salary increase.  It is later revealed that she kissed another man on camera and that she couldn’t control her drinking – in fact it was encouraged by the producers.   When a producer takes the stand he admits that Elliott was only on the show because Tina wanted him to be.   He also tells the court that many scenes are edited to look a lot worse than they are and that fights that are a 5 are edited to be brought up to a 10. After all of the evidence is presented the jury decides that she will pay damages for emotional stress of $100,000, but that she is not ultimately responsible for Elliott’s death.  It is an interesting topic to cover since more and more reality stars are committing suicide like Taylor Armstrong’s husband, Russell Armstrong or ‘Next Great Baker’ contestant Wesley Durden.

Harry meets up with a jury jumper, Brianna Marsh, who couldn’t handle being holed up for over two months.  She reached her breaking point and told the judge that she couldn’t handle it anymore, but he denied her request and she took off.  She’s been dubbed the ‘runaway juror’ and refuses to go back without a lawyer.

When Harry stands before the judge about Brianna she sees that he is clearly pissed off about her running off saying that not only did she cost the court over $4 million dollars but that the victims will now have to go through this traumatic experience all over again.  The judge puts her in contempt and wants her to be put away, but after Harry asks for a contempt trial the judge reluctantly decides to give her one.

At her trial Brianna admits that things got so bad that she contemplated taking her life.  She said that when she was brought to the judge to tell him that she needed to leave but that he pushed her into staying.  After that she ran from the trial, hitting her breaking point.  Another jury Mrs. Flick, takes the stand saying that they pressured her (bullied her) into changing her mind about the person being guilty.  Mrs. Flick said that the conditions were terrible for everyone but everyone else stayed.  At the end of the day the judge says that although the jury system is flawed it is the only one they have right now and that Brianna’s decision to leave was not her decision to make.  She is found in contempt as well as obstructing the law.

Harry has drinks with Tom and suggests that their firms merge and while Tom doesn’t exactly come right out and accept he does get emotional, calling Harry “family”.  Phoebe tries to push for Adam to come and join her again, but instead he turns it around and asks her to join Harry’s firm.

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