NBC’s ‘The Voice’ rankings: Chris Mann leads Team Blake, Team Christina stars

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Last week, we were able to do a full list of the top 16 stars on “The Voice” on a team-by-team basis. This week, it’s a little bit different. Since we haven’t seen any new performances from Team Cee Lo Green or Team Adam Levine since our last ranking, there’s no point in ranking them. (Instead, check back next week to see where Jamar Rogers, Juliet Simms, and some of the others stand.)

With that in mind, we are going to focus instead on the four artists who advanced this week from Team Christina Aguilera and Team Blake Shelton. Rather than grouping them together by team, though, we’re instead going to rank them in terms of their likelihood of actually winning the competition.

4. Lindsey Pavao (Christina) – Out of the four remaining singers, Lindsay certainly has the most fascinating voice. However, she also has the voice with the most likelihood of getting lost within the massive force known as the show band. She needs to work at picking songs that are subtle and show off her talent, and not tracks that could drown her own.

3. Erin Willett (Blake) – Singers with big voices do tend to have an advantage in these competitions, and we just saw one win “The X Factor” in Melanie Amaro. What Erin has going for her is an extraordinary talent; however, what she has going against her is that Chessa on Team Cee Lo is a similar sort of singer, and the two could cancel each other out if they both are in the top 8.

2. Jermaine Paul (Blake) – Jermaine’s a natural performer, and he also has going for him a rather memorable story as an Alicia Keys backup singer that keeps him firmly in viewers’ minds. With the right songs, he can be particularly effective. As for what he needs to work on, it’s all about picking a song that keeps the energy of his voice intact without trying to make him do too much. Sometimes, less is indeed more — even if the show is not always structured to encourage that.

1. Chris Mann (Christina) – Chris and Jermaine are the two artists saved by America, and it only makes sense that they would be the two who are sitting at the top of this ranking. As for what makes the onetime “Glee” Warbler stand out, it’s rather simple — not only does he have a strong voting block of “Mann Fans,” but he also has a distinct, spectacular voice that could pull in enough votes to win the whole thing if he gets a chance to use it fully. Does that mean that Chris is going to win? Not necessarily, since Cee Lo in particular has a pretty incredible team this year. However, he has to be taken pretty seriously.

Out of these four, who do you think has the best shot of actually winning this whole competition? Be sure and take our poll below!

Photo: NBC

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