‘Glee’ music preview: Heather Morris, Naya Rivera rock Whitney Houston

Brittana's getting some love.

In this week’s look at “Glee’s” music, we are going to see everything from ’80s dance classics to power ballads, and it all falls still within the catalog of Whitney Houston. Will viewers care more than the “Saturday Night Fever” tribute that drew a series-low 2.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic? We certainly hope so.

At least we can say that fans of Brittany and Santana this week are not going to be disappointed.

“I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” Heather Morris with Naya Rivera – It’s not often that we see Brittany get solos on this show, so we’re thrilled about that in general. Once you actually hear how much fun this song is, it’s hard not to smile all the more. What a fun, fast-paced performance this song is. It’s also apparently going to be such a moment in this episode that the title “Dance with Somebody” comes from it.

“So Emotional,” Lea Michele and Naya Rivera – Can we have more duets between these two in the future? We don’t really hear these two voices together very much, but it really works here to producer one of the most entertaining vocals from this entire episode. We imagine them singing this for their other halves, and we see Finn and Brittany cheering them on every step of the way.

“How Will I Know,” Lea Michele, Amber Riley, Chris Colfer, and Naya Rivera – Had this song come in a sea of ballads on this episode, we would be unhappy about Alex Anders opting for a stripped-down acapella version of the song. As it is within the frame of the episode, though, this may be the standout song thanks to some great harmonies. Hats off to Anders for taking a risk — it works.

“I Have Nothing,” Chris Colfer – Out of all the covers this week, Colfer’s version of the “Bodyguard” smash hit is probably the toughest. Why? His voice is sweet, and not so much suited for the 18-wheeler sort of power that Houston throws into this song. Lea Michele and Amber Riley are probably the only two sings on this show that could really tackle this song, but Colfer shouldn’t feel bad — his version is still far better than what Shannon Magrane did on “American Idol” earlier this year.

“It’s Not Right, but It’s Okay,” Darren Criss – This is just a blast to listen to. While this song coupled with Colfer’s “I Have Nothing” suggest some troubles coming up for “Klaine,” at least they are each getting a chance to address their romance in a real way other than just have a few fun moments together in an episode.

“Saving All My Love,” Samuel Larsen and Dianna Agron – In the midst of everything else this week, this song sounds stuck back in an era that was before Houston’s prime. We think that the romance storyline for these two could be a good one, but the problem right now is that Samuel’s Joe has been such a cardboard characters since the writers have refused to really spend any time with him at all. Even his introduction to New Directions felt rushed just so that it would happen.

“My Love is Your Life,” full cast – It’s weird, it’s funky, and we love every second of it. We don’t know if it will sell many copies on iTunes, but this is a relaxed sort of jam that “Glee” needs more of rather than just bouncing back and forth between fast-paced hits, Broadway classics, and power ballads.

What’s your favorite performance from the episode, or are you withholding judgment until you actually see them on TV?

Photo: Fox

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