‘Dancing with the Stars’ week 6 rankings: William Levy rises to the top

A worthy #1?

We have another new #1 in this week’s edition of our “Dancing with the Stars” rankings, and one of the reasons behind it is simple — in addition to who is getting some of the top scores, we also have to look at who producers potentially want to keep around on the show for as long as possible. Despite us being over a month into this season, our top-ranking star has never been featured early in the show — a spot that in many ways is a kiss of death for voters who only tend to remember the performances that happen later in the night.

While we’re also not sure that the top two this week really are the top two, we also have to remember that men (in particular handsome men) are often favored by the voting public.

8. Jaleel White and Kym Jonhson (last week: #5) – We actually think that Jaleel and Kym are really pretty good dancers, at least more so than some of the people ranked above him. Unfortunately, this placement is really just the product of one thing — the tabloids, which has severed his fanbase. While you could blame him being in the bottom two on having to start the show Monday, it would have never happened had he kept the supporters he started the season with.

7. Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower (last week: #7) – Meanwhile, the problem with Roshon is that nobody really has any idea who he is. His dancing has never been a problem, and we hope that some of the humor he displayed last week with him pretending to be William Levy gives him a few more followers so that he can avoid the bottom two again.

6. Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy (last week: #6) – We are continually surprised with how devoted fans are to this team. Is it Maks that is keeping them afloat, or is “Little House on the Prairie” still that popular? It’s hard to say, but Melissa is probably not as strong a dancer as Roshon. However, she and Maks have yet to land in the bottom three.

5. Gladys Knight and Tristan MacManus (last week: #8) – With Gavin DeGraw gone from the competition, Gladys is probably the weakest technical dancer left. With that being said, there’s no way whatsoever we see her getting eliminated during a week that is a tribute to Motown. She’s a legend of the industry, and she will have the sympathy vote to at least last for another week.

4. Maria Menounos and Derek Hough (last week: #3) – Ranking the top four at this point seems to be apples and oranges, mostly because all four of them are good enough to actually win the whole competition. The reason Maria is at #4 is that we really don’t see the same vulnerability or charm as with Katherine, and she has not pulled some of the same scores at times.

3. Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas (last week: #2) – The problem with Katherine is that she does superficially have a smaller fanbase in America than some of these other people, and we could see a Sabrina Bryan situation happening where she has an off week and she leaves before her time. With that being said, she actually is the best dancer in the entire competition, and if you took away all of the hype from some of the other performers she should be the one winning this season so far.

2. Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd (last week: #1) – Donald is not really dropping from the top spot by any fault of his own, but we are still slightly concerned for him thanks to the way in which the producers have hyped William up. Here’s the real question that could determine whether or not he wins the season — does he have a fanbase beyond Green Bay Packers fans? The only other thing he needs to watch is keeping his competitive edge at bay. This is still at the end of the day a goofy competition with sequins and spary-tans, so you can’t get so upset over not getting a 10.

1. William Levy and Cheryl Burke (last week: #4) – It’s been a good week for William and Cheryl. He landed the cover of People Magazine, received more insane cheers from the audience, and nearly scored a perfect 30 for his Latin Night routine. We’re still not necessarily sold on his range as far as the competition goes, but at the moment we think that he is a guy that the producers want to see go far for whatever reason, and he may have a stronger female vote than anyone else this season.

Who do you think will, and should, go home during Motown week? As always, we want to hear from you! Share your thoughts and comments in the box and poll below!

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