‘Vampire Diaries’ scoop: Elena will choose Stefan, Damon or no one by finale

Who will she choose?

Even if you are team Stefan, watching Damon and Elena lock lips on Thursday night’s episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ swayed the majority of watchers over to the dark side (everyone loves a bad boy, don’t they?) but who will Elena ultimately end up choosing?  Stefan who’s love for her is pure, or Damon who’s love will challenge her and help her grow?

Vampire Diaries’ executive producer, Julie Plec, spoke to TV Line about the love triangle and revealed that Elena will make a decision on which brother (if any) she wants to be with by the end of the season finale.  Plec says that after Elena and Damon’s kiss, Elena’s “confusion” will really begin to take hold of her.  She said;

“What’s going on now with Elena and Damon [and] Elena and Stefan is a lot of exploration and a lot of thinking. As we’ve seen [with] Damon and Elena’s relationship in the past, they keep being drawn to each other, but obviously there’s something holding her back, rightfully so in a lot of ways because they’ve been through a lot together and not necessarily all good. As we get closer to the end of the season, really the key word is “confusion” for Elena. The brothers have to decide if they’re going to be OK with allowing her to think this through or if they’re going to reach a point where the confusion becomes frustrating for them.”

So is it possible that Elena will decide to choose no one or is that something that something the producers have ruled out as an option for Elena?  If Elena chooses no one it’s likely fans will completely turn on the show since there is clearly a team Stefan and a team Damon, but no one is on team  ‘be by yourself’.  Plec said;

“No, I can’t rule it out. That would be giving too much away to rule out one of the three options. I guess there’s a fourth option, which is, “I choose both of you.” [Laughs] The big thing with her choice is she’s not the one in complete control of it. These two men really deeply care about her, and she deeply cares about both of them. It’s really a decision about what does love mean to me and to us and where are we supposed to be in our lives with each other. It’s pretty poignant.”

Will Elena tell Stefan about the kiss with Damon, or will it be something he finds out through the grapevine? Plec revealed;

“Put it is this way, she’s not going to be deceitful or lie about it or keep it secret. So we’ll see what happens in the next episode.”

Were you excited to see Elena finally give in to Damon or are you upset that she’s not staying with Stefan?  Who do you think she will end up with by the season finale?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: CW

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