James Van Der Beek not interested in joining ’Dancing With The Stars’

He won't do DWTS

Dancing With The Stars’ hasn’t even asked James Van Der Beek to join the cast next season, but he’s already rejected any potential offers.

Van Der Beek has revived his career with the help of the hit ABC show ‘Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23’ by playing an over the top caricature of himself (a washed up, former teen star trying to bring himself back into the spotlight).  His character on the series is joining a ‘Dancing With The Stars’ type dance show to try and revive his career and even though he tells Parade that it was “a blast to film” those scenes, he’s not interested in giving the real show a whirl.  He said;

“It was a blast to film. I had to learn how to dance. It was really funny. I thought it would be a hoot if the fake me went on the fake Dancing With the Stars.  I think it’s more fun to do it this way.  You can play it for laughs and not have to do all that work!”

Although audiences might confuse Van Der Beek’s caricature of himself on the show with the real life James, he says that a good “ego assassination” is something that can really push an actor to do better work.  He said;

“When we started making up things on my resume that don’t exist, it very quickly stopped seeming like me and started seeming like a parody of actors and Hollywood and pop culture in general. I just thought it was so funny. A little bit of ego assassination is always a good thing. The less serious you take yourself, the better work you do in general.”

As much as we loved Van Der Beek on ‘Dawson’s Creek’ we love him even more on ‘Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23’ – ABC made a brilliant move by nabbing him for the series and the further he pushes his character to the edge the more we see just what an incredible actor he really is.

Photo: ABC

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