‘Hawaii Five-0′ season 5, episode 13 review: Terry O’Quinn’s Joe White makes promises

Hawaii -We love “Hawaii Five-0” and it’s for more then just the never ending action and banter between Danny and Steve. We were huge fans of “Lost” and by “huge fans” we mean that we think it’s the greatest show ever made, so any time we get to see cast members coming over to “Hawaii Five-0” to join (or rejoin) Chin and Jerry we are thrilled. Recently we saw Rebecca Mader stop by as an art thief and now we are going to see Terry O’Quinn return as Joe White. Why is he back? Let’s take a deeper look.

When Steve picks up Joe from the airport it’s awkward – not just because they are transporting a man infected with a deadly virus, but because there are too many unanswered questions between them. Steve learns that Joe knew about his mother’s relationship with Wo Fat but didn’t tell him because she asked him not to. Steve tells him that Wo Fat already told him about their relationship and that he killed him. Steve wants answers as to where his mother is but before Joe gives them their car is hit by a wrecking ball and the man they are transporting is taken.

After saving the day and stopping the baddies from using the infection to kill everyone in the world, Joe tells Steve as much as he knows about his mother: Which is that she hasn’t checked in with her handlers in days. To Joe this means she’s dead or has gone off the grid, but Steve thinks that Joe tipped her off. Joe says that once he’s out of quarantine that he will help Steve find his mom and asks Steve to trust him. Even though Steve says he will trust him, he really doesn’t and sets up surveillance on Joe.

We’ve seen the “threat of a virus killing everyone” story a million times on crime shows over the years and to be honest there was nothing that special about this one either. We did like seeing Joe back on the scene and we are hoping to see the confrontation between Steve and his mother before the season is over. Episode grade: B

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