‘Basketball Wives’: Royce Reed is ’embarrassed’ over Dez Briscoe situation

She is staying strong

Mrs Carter: Now that the truth is out there will Royce forgive him?

When the news first surfaced that ‘Basketball Wives’ star Royce Reed had been done wrong by her boyfriend Dezmon (Dez) Briscoe, she stood by him saying that the whole situation was made up.  Originally Royce thought that Christina, the mother of Dez’s son, had been doing everything under the sun to try and destroy her relationship with Dez, including saying that he had been sending her inappropriate text messages, and after checking his phone and finding nothing Royce was convinced that Christina was lying.

Later Royce was blindsided when Dez admitted through his Twitter account that he had indeed been sending inappropriate messages to Christina leaving Royce feeling embarrassed.  Dez wrote;

“baby mama wanna be messy so I’ll clean it up. I sent the messages she posted.. To be on her good side because she has my son.” “Ask my baby mama have I touched her since I got her pregnant and see what she say..” and “I could of handled the situation better. I’m still wrong and I wanna apologize to @Roycelr because she don’t deserve that. Love you”

Outside of the inappropriate text messages, Christina admitted that there was no actual physical contact between her and Dez, but the texts alone have caused enough problems to damage their trust. Royce wrote an open letter to everyone through her VH1 blog about the situation – here is an excerpt from the letter;

“Do I think Dezmon loves me? Yes! Do I think what he did was wrong? Absolutely. Are we done…forever? Honestly, I don’t know. Readers can say I’m dumb if I go back, but with relationships come mistakes. I was lied to and lesson learned…I entertained it on Twitter. I let the drama get to me despite being told to ignore it. That was my immaturity in this experience coming out. I admit that. Yes, I’m embarrassed, humiliated and broken. But I’m strong. Regardless of what happens I will be okay. Do I love him? Yes. Is that enough to stay? At this point, no. I entertained the mother of his son because I trusted what I was told and I stood by him as I should have. Was I the fool? Yep!

Royce also posted a few messages on her Twitter account talking about the situation and how it’s made her feel.  She said;

“My life is an open book! [expletive] happens! Y’all telling me to stay or leave…it isn’t that easy! My heart is broken! Some will find that funny”, “I’m ok with being open and honest! I’m ok with being Me! The fact it DIDN’T happen doesn’t matter! Y the hell send it just 2 appease sum1.” and “Yes I feel stupid! Yes I feel betrayed! Yes I love @DezBriscoe89 but at this point I love myself more! I honestly don’t know wht imma do!”

It’s always heartbreaking when you’ve been betrayed by the one you love, but is that betrayal enough to leave someone?  Depending on the severity of the situation there might be a way to work through the pain and move into the future with a completely transparent relationship – meaning emails, phone calls, text messages, everything is open for your partner to read or hear whenever they want.  Life is full of second chances and it’s important to forgive, but only to those who are truly sorry otherwise one may find themselves in the same situation over and over again – the true definition of insanity.

Photo: VH1

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