‘American Idol’ exit chat: Colton Dixon talks staying true to his faith

Colton spoke out Friday.

Following Thursday night’s elimination on “American Idol,” Colton Dixon took part in the show’s weekly conference call with reporters and gave one of the most refreshing interviews we’ve had all season. While you may or may not agree with his religious beliefs, at least he was willing to express them and give honest answers rather than just speaking generally about his time on the show.

Here are some quotable moments from the call:

On making an apology to the judges after being eliminated – “I was kind of disappointed, kind of with TV editing but [also that I] said it … that’s not who I am. I think by choosing ‘Bad Romance’ I turned off a lot of those voters. It was an apology for both of those things.”

On exiting to Lifehouse’s ‘Everything,’ a religious anthem – “The producers and everyone else on the show are saying [to] ‘be who you are,’ and I was going to do this anyway, but that was just a nice little kick into doing ‘Everything’ by Lifehouse … I was so glad that I got to do it not once, but twice, and that [it] encouraged fellow believers to take a stand in what they believe in.”

On whether or not he agreed with Chris Daughtry’s claim that he was glad to lose because winning would have hurt his ‘rock cred’ – I’m not sure if I completely agree with that. Winning provides many, many opportunities that me and five other people aren’t going to experience. But “Idol” is such a huge platform, and so many people watch it from a certain point on [you have an audience].

On who he thinks will make the finals – “It’s anyone’s game, and I genuinely mean that. A lot of people were surprised to see me leave last night, but it goes to show that no one is safe.”

On his post-‘September’ frustration – “I was frustrated after doing ‘September,’ because they tell me to be true to myself but then they didn’t like [it] … I was frustrated, but I understand it from a vocal competition standpoint.”

Are you sad to see Colton go?

Photo: Fox

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