‘Once Upon a Time’ preview: What does Kathryn’s return mean?

David has a choice to make.

It only seems appropriate that Sunday night’s new “Once Upon a Time” is entitled “The Return” — after all, we are seeing someone come back into the world who many of us assumed was going to be gone forever.

So what does Kathryn coming back really mean? First and foremost, it does not seem to suggest in any way that she and David are going to get back together. The new sneak peek below pretty much proves that, as she admits that maybe there was a reason why the two of them didn’t work. Unfortunately, the clip does not serve to answer what are really some of our biggest questions at the moment — including how exactly Kathryn is back or if she remembers what happened to her at all.

Away from these two, get ready to see Rumpelstiltskin play a major role this episode both in Storybrooke (as Mr. Gold) as well as if the fairytale universe; somehow, he seems to be connected with Kathryn’s reappearance, and the Evil Queen is going to be none too pleased about it. August W. Booth may also be rather tied to everything here; after all, he is the man who likes to toy with Henry’s book.

“The Return” is the first of four straight episodes of the show to close off season 1. The season finale is currently set to air on May 13, and at that point we may finally start to have a better idea as to what Emma’s role in breaking the curse will be. Granted, at this point we just how that she understands that the curse actually exists.

Photo: ABC

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