‘The Pauly D Project’ episode 4 review: Who wants to get waxed?

The Project continues...

Four episodes in, we are still not entirely sure what to make of “The Pauly D Project.” We love Pauly as a person, and on “Jersey Shore” the guy is the life of the party more often than not. However, on this series many of his weaknesses as a reality star are accentuated. He’s not incredibly personal, and he also doesn’t really cause any drama.

With this in mind, the show seems to be getting itself stuck in a little bit of a rut at the moment. Every week Pauly’s gang (with one exception) tries to pick up women, and there is a B story thrown in for good measure just to stir things up. This time around, Pauly and the boys had to get pampered in order to prepare for an OK! Magazine cover shoot, which pretty much equated to us watching “The 40-Year Old Virgin” all over again. Considering that we did this same exact thing personally on “Beauty and the Geek,” we can feel the pain — even though waxing on TV is hardly original.

While the photo shoot itself was pretty fun to watch, we were really feeling pretty let down by the fact that the one person we were looking forward to seeing this week — the woman Pauly was in love with for a night in Christina — ended up completely disappearing from the scene. We do give “Pauly” credit for keeping the reality in reality TV (since things happen like this all the time in real life), but it did take away the biggest story from the episode that we were excited to see.

Overall, we’re thinking of “The Pauly D Project” as an appetizer to the meal that is “Jersey Shore.” It’s pretty tasty, and there are a few moments that you can truly cherish. Eventually, though, you end up finding yourself hungry and waiting for the main course to show up.

Are you still enjoying this series?

Photo: MTV

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