‘Punk’d’ review: Scott Disick, The Wanted flip out

How was Tyler's show?

This week on “Punk’d,” Tyler, the Creator was the host — which officially marks the first time this season that a prank victim has become the host. (Granted, Miley Cyrus will also be doing this later in the season.)

Since Tyler is such a creative guy, the question has to be raised — did he really do a good job with these stunts?

Shanae Grimes – While the “90210” star is lacking somewhat in the star power department, this was actually a rather creative stunt. She found a stray dog, and accidentally gave it away to a guy who was a complete and total creep.

The only unfortunate part here is that right when we would have had a major confrontation between the dog’s real owner and the guy she gave him to, she ended up getting so afraid that she locked herself in the bathroom. At this point, the crew had to come in — but overall, it was still a better prank than anything from last week’s show. Grade: B

Scott Disick – Just the mere premise of Scott Disick getting pranked was hilarious, but then Scott’s reaction to it was so priceless that this was easily the best stunt of the entire season so far.

It actually wasn’t the stunt itself (a simple “car getting impounded” bit) that worked; instead, it was seeing Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend admit that he has a Blink 182 CD and try to actually haggle his way down to $500 in order to get his car off the lot. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with how this went. Grade: A

The Wanted – At the time that this show was shot, the British boy band was still pretty unknown in America. However, that does not mean that this skit was completely devoid of potential.

Unfortunately, it happened too far for it to really take off. The boys were suspected of kidnapping, and it was the typical sort of “harass someone with the police” prank that we have seen time and time again on the show, and it really wasn’t special. Grade: C-

Which one of these stunts did you enjoy the most this week?

Photo: MTV

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