‘Grey’s Anatomy’ review: Adele’s affair, Meredith’s debate

Everyone is looking to the future.

Thursday night’s new episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” was one that stretched farther than Seattle Grace than just about any other episode of the series yet, and it focused primarily on some of the residents branching out to see what the future will hold for them after the boards.

While Alex was out getting his expectations smashed in two in Toledo, though, the real action was still going down back at Seattle Grace. Meredith ended up having to postpone her visit after forming a bond with a patient that brought Jaycee Dugard’s tragic case to mind, and spent this episode trying to find a way to take care of her and slowly help her recover from getting kidnapped for almost a decade — and being mistreated to the point that she was too insecure to even end up leaving the man who captured her.

Once again, though, the biggest (and most powerful) moments from the episode came courtesy of Chief Webber, who this week not only ended up advising Owen on how to be a better Chief of Surgery, but also had to deal with the pain of Adele forgetting that she was married and starting to have some relations with another man in her care center.

As powerful as the stories were this week (especially when it comes to the “ripped from the headlines” plot), this was an episode that was more about progression rather than actually¬†revealing¬†some of the tricks that Shonda Rhimes has up its sleeve. While Meredith told the interviewer in Boston that moving there was her “top choice” over staying even at Seattle Grace, it was hard to expect that she would say anything different. Meanwhile, we still don’t really know about the status of Cristina’s future employment, either — or whether or not she will end up back with Owen.

Did you enjoy the oft-procedural feel of this episode, or do you wish we actually found out more about the future?

Photo: ABC

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