‘American Idol’ top 7 results: Did Jessica Sanchez stay safe this time?

Do we have another shocker?

After a night of ridiculous judges’ comments, some great performances, and Colton Dixon somehow making Earth, Wind, & Fire’s “September” into an emo ballad, the “American Idol” results are here for the top 7 all over again.

The performances

Kris Allen, “The Vision of Love” – It’s easy to forget how good someone like Kris is when you don’t see them on the show much, but this was once again a stellar performance of a song that is really not getting enough love.

The most amazing part of this performance? That Kris didn’t get dizzy while spinning around on his piano pedestal.

LMFAO – Does anyone else find it weird that “Idol” followed up a moving tribute to Dick Clark by having two guys come up and perform in tight pants with a guy who had a box over his head.

After hearing this, we’re pretty sure LMFAO is in the bottom three.

The safe singers

Joshua Ledet – Going last has its benefits! While we were concerned after he was in the bottom three last week for an incredible Bruno Mars cover, his double-dose of standing ovations helped to push him over the top.

Skylar Laine – Slowly and surely, Skylar is proving that she can win this competition despite a country star taking home the title last year. We didn’t think this was possible before the live shows, but she has won us over.

The bottom three

Hollie Cavanagh – Just like going last has its privileges, going first is the equivalent of getting hit in the stomach. While Hollie did a better job this week, you typically either have to tear the house down or have a giant fanbase to go first and still be safe.

Elise Testone – Does Elise have a reason to be bitter about her criticism being a little harsh? Sure, since she is criticized relentlessly while Phillip Phillips has gotten a pass at times for some subpar numbers. However, we don’t know if we would air out our dissatisfaction so blatantly.

Colton Dixon – We weren’t altogether surprised by Colton being in the bottom after turning “September” into “December.” We were surprised, however, that he was as arrogant as he was about his rendition of the song bombing.

Surprisingly, Elise ended up being the first one being declared safe out of the three, and it ultimately came down to two people who have spent much of the last two seasons trying to make their dreams come true.

In the end, though, America is just not ready for a slow “September.” In the second-biggest stunner of this season, Colton ended up going home despite this being the first time he has ever been in danger.

What did you think about this week’s result? As always, we want to hear what you think below!

Photo: Fox

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