‘The Vampire Diaries’ review: A kiss and a Rebekah shocker

Somewhere, 'shippers are screaming.

It’s been several weeks since we have seen a new episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” and the producers behind the hit CW show decided to make up for the absence for cramming just about as many shocking moments as they could into one episode.

(Warning: Don’t read on if you want to avoid spoilers.)

Death of a matriarch? – We are actually rather stunned to see what happened here when it comes to the Original family matriarch. After all, we were expecting to see Esther be a major player for some time here — and not just die in the arms of Rebekah.

Then again, the show is never that easy. The biggest shocker of the night was that Esther was (shocker!) not really did — instead, she had taken over the body of Rebekah in an effort to take the Originals all down from the inside.

Jeremy — and Tyler — return – This was an episode of reunions in many ways, as Elena took off with Damon to Denver in order to secure her brother and also use his powers to try and discover the link that connects Rose to one of the Originals.

As for Tyler Lockwood, he returned from his quest to cure his sire bond with a reasonably clear head as well as a desire to disrobe almost immediately in front of Caroline, who quickly forgot about all of that drama with Klaus as soon as she descending into the love shack that is apparently Tyler’s werewolf cage.

However, just as soon as we figured that Klaus was out of the equation, we learned that Caroline was keeping a certain part of her heart open for the show’s principal villain — and, to the surprise of no one, Tyler was none too pleased about it.

The kiss! – In the midst of figuring out the vampire family tree, Elena and Damon ended up doing something that just about every fan of their relationship has been looking for — a deep, passionate kiss at the hotel that Jeremy just so happened to see.

Unfortunately for Elena, Damon made sure that this decision between him and Stefan was not going to be easy. After she accused him of self-sabotaging things time and time again, he scoffed at her and said that this time, she really is going to have to choose.

As for Jeremy, it actually took Rose to convince him that “Delena” as a couple could work — and personally, we’re on the same team. Stefan has become more complex this season, and Damon does bring something rather nice out of Nina Dobrev’s character that we have not seen previously.

What do you think about some of the twists that came out during this episode? Overall, we have to say that while not everything was perfect, the Rebekah twist has us more than a little bit exciting to sink our fangs into the rest of this season.

Photo: The CW

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