‘Survivor: One World’ interview: Leif Manson on strategy, alliance with Colton

Leif is out.

From a standpoint of pure likability, Leif Manson was someone on “Survivor: One World” who was pretty easy to root for. He seemed to genuinely love the game, and he fought hard in the majority of the challenges.

Unfortunately, Leif was a victim this season of really never being a major player in the game. He received the fewest amount of confessionals out of any jury member or person still in the game, and his votes at times suggested a lack of awareness as to what was happening around him all of the time. We had a chance to at least get some insight into his strategy during a conference call with reporters Thursday, where (to another reporter) he made a rather surprising admission that he felt that his tribemates may not have always taken him seriously due to his height.

Cartermatt.com – What do you think hurt your game more in retrospect — going to tribal council to get rid of Bill, or Colton getting evacuated?

Leif Manson – I know Colton and I had a different relationship than what it looked like. Him and I made a final three [deal], but I’m sure he made that with everyone else. I knew truly down that with him being gay and me being a little person, we get singled out a lot. That’s how it was at the very beginning. We were singled out, and he and I made a pact to make it to the end and show everyone that a gay [man] and a little person could make it! (Laughs.)

Once you got to the merge, what was your strategy? We didn’t get to see a lot of it on TV.

I know I was really trying to keep our original alliance with the guys together and stick with that and stick with the plan … then Troy and Mike and Jay, they all started hearing whispers about themselves, that we were talking [about getting them out]. ┬áNone of those guys ever came back and actually asked each other ‘did you say this about me?’. They bought it hook, line, and sinker. That was definitely one of the big downfalls of that.

I [tried to] rally all of the guys at one point to try and at least vote Kat off, but they didn’t take it seriously because I think Jay had a little alliance with Kat somewhere in there.

Was there something that you took from being out there that you didn’t expect?

I definitely took so many life experiences from this. For one, never take anything for granted … [There was also] how much I missed my family, having zero communication from my family. That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done … I would always have them on the back of my mind, but at the same I would try not to think about them too much because I would just lose it.

Are you rooting for either Troyzan or Tarzan to make it far as the last men standing, or do you just want to see the women wipe them out at this point?

Photo: CBS

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