‘Survivor: One World’: Where does Troyzan go from here?

Did Troyzan stick around?

The one thing that makes “Survivor” such an entertaining show after all these years is the way in which people react to situations. Some people keep their cool — then, other people go insane.

When it comes to Troyzan, he continued to show this week why in spite of all of his claims that this is “his” island, he is a terrible player at the actual game. The only way he makes it to the end at this point is if he wins every immunity, and the only way he wins then is if he brainwashes the jury. With the way in which he acted and treated some of the people in this game after nearly being blindsided last week, Colton could very well fix whatever health problem he suffered from, come back into the game, and somehow beat him.

At this point in the game, it’s hard necessarily to do specific winners and losers as we have done every week, mostly because there is so much ambiguity at the moment. With that in mind, we’ll just stick with the losers and then talk about everyone else.

The losers

Tryozan – As we said, the man is crazy. We understand how it must feel to be isolated, and to feel that everyone is out to get him. But acting out the way he did is certainly not going to help anyone. As much as some people may claim to want a million dollars, they are going to possibly but their trust in the wrong people long before they decide to team up with someone who screams and causes fights all the time.

What Troyzan should have done instead is gone about his business, won immunity, and let people come to him. Everyone feels better about a move when they’re the one making it — but even though nobody made any moves this week, they could have in the future. Unfortunately, Troyzan acting crazy has made this much less likely to happen.

The only thing the guy can do now is to learn amnesia, go back to camp, and lay low. Let the women implode, and then make yourself useful if an offer is presented. This isn’t to say to give up, though — just make your strategy talk more transparent and not just a few hours before tribal council with a necklace on. Trust is a marathon, not a mad dash for the finish line.

Leif – As a person, we like Leif. He seems to be a cool guy, and it was nice to see a full season of “Survivor” go by without his height being mentioned all the time. (If only Kelly Bruno had the same luxury.)

Unfortunately, we were pretty bummed with Leif’s actual strategy play this season. He didn’t really seem to do much of anything, and nearly was voted off early on since he liked Bill and wanted to disclose some Manono secrets.

With that being said, we are still looking forward to chatting with him tomorrow

The rest / the winners

It’s really everyone else at the moment … even Tarzan, who will be safe next week so long as Troyzan doesn’t win immunity.

As for why Christina and Alicia didn’t flip to join the guys this week, there’s a pretty easy explanation here — there’s no reason for Alicia to. If she made this move, she would effectively be going from fifth or fourth place in one alliance to the same position with the other one, and it’s possible that she could win immunity over a Kat than a Troyzan. It didn’t make too much sense for Alicia to switch all things considered, and with that in mind Christina didn’t have any choice but to stay with the girls. There will still be another chance for some of the ladies to pull something off with Troyzan and Tarzan next week, but they are all making the silly mistake of not thinking that Kim has an immunity idol.

As for now, we are still sticking with our opinion that Kim is playing one of the best games ever. While the target is clearly on her back, she has all of the women doing what she wants right now — and while Troyzan may think he’s strong, we really don’t think he is going to be able to pull off an immunity run on par with an Ozzy or a Colby.

The woman who is really in the biggest danger right now doesn’t even know it — Sabrina. She’s a strong player, and if Kim and Chelsea make it far together we could see them blindsiding her at some point to make it to the end with a Kat or even a Tarzan, who they know they will have a better shot at beating.

Do you think Troyzan has any hope at all here of making it to the end, and if he did would you vote for him?

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