‘The Biggest Loser’ revolt in review: Who ended up quitting?

Who stuck around?

We’ve watched a good bit of “The Biggest Loser” over the years, but Tuesday’s episode may have been by far one of the most fascinating episodes of any reality show (period) that we have ever seen — let along about losing weight. Why? It led us into the world of reality-show production, and also taught a valuable lesson that you should read your contract before you end up coming on the show.

We wrote some about the show’s revolt before it even aired Tuesday, and our position now remains firmly the same — when you sign on for a reality show, you are effectively giving your life away to these people. Even though there is a prize at the end, you also can’t expect it to be completely and totally fair. If people want a fair way to earn money, this isn’t the way to do it — shows are designed for entertainment first and foremost, and producers have to find a way to make sure people will watch rather than allowing some people who are boring and / or unlikable to stick around.

The entire walk-off by the cast happened after a twist was revealed that was going to allow some previously-eliminated contestants the chance to dive straight back into the game, and also allow them to compete for the grand prize. It wasn’t fair, but it was in the contracts that it would (or at least could) happen. As a matter of fact, the remaining contestants easily still had the edge — if you lose more weight (and they’ve certainly had the advantage) you will win the prize. This isn’t like “Survivor,” where a returning castaway has an equal change to vote you out. It’s a game that is at this point based largely on your own dedication.

At the end of the day, Mark and Buddy were the two contestants who left after losing nearly 240 pounds between them, and they were joined soon after by Jeremy after he was eliminated (which we were rather shocked happened this week all things considered). We do understand the anger behind the twist, but it’s hard to justify wasting an opportunity that thousands would have wanted just so you could prove a point about integrity. So congratulations, Mark and Buddy, you still have integrity — but you don’t have a heap of money.

Photo: NBC

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