Fox’s ‘New Girl’ review: Nick’s wake-up call

What went on this week?

While we know at this point that there is going to be a good many people writing about Tuesday night’s episode of “New Girl” through the lens of Schmidt nearly getting Cece pregnant, but to us that would be once again ignoring a man who has in his own way quietly become the gem of the series — Jake Johnson’s Nick. We have already proclaimed him worthy of a Best Supporting Actor trophy, and we found him rather brilliant again this week as he handled a rather awkward situation with subtle humor and also some heart.

The basic premise of the hour was rather simple from this point of view — Jess was charged with taking care of Russell’s daughter for the day, and problems quickly started to arise when the girl quickly realized that Nick was the man of her dreams. While this was pretty creepy in some ways, it was made even creepier when it was revealed that Nick’s new “girlfriend” actually used to ride on the same school bus as Russell’s daughter. After this gut-punch to the the stomach, we don’t think we will be seeing him go down this road. (Lo and behold, we know that Caroline will be turning back up in the final three episodes this season.)

As for the girl who held Jess’ very fate as future stepmom material in her own hands, it actually worked out — though after she locked herself in a bedroom and Nick actually tried to convince her to stay in there by saying that everything that will happen to her from there on out will be rather unpleasant. So Zooey Deschanel’s character is still going strong with her man (who was not even in this episode), and with Cece walking away from Schmidt relieved about there being no baby, both he and Nick are now seemingly back at square one.

We hope that as “New Girl” progresses on into season 2 (along with the inevitable moment that Jess and Nick get together) that the show keeps this sort of spirit. We love Nick as the hapless grouch and Schmidt as the world’s most naive womanizer. Don’t ever change, guys — you make this show in more ways than you know.

Photo: Fox

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