‘Top Shot’ review: SWAT challenge brings back military memoires for Chee

He loved the SWAT challenge

Last week on ‘Top Shot’ the teams merge into one team, and now all of the challenges are individual.  Chee’s win in the individual challenge sends Gabriela home ending their potential romance before it had a chance to turn into anything.  Chris and William find themselves in the bottom two after nominations and face off in a rifle challenge.  Chris emerges victorious and William leaves the competition – who will be eliminated tonight?

On tonight’s episode of ‘Top Shot’ the group is down to the final 6 shooters now that William has gone home. The group will be focusing this week on a Special Forces gun called the FN Five-Seven and Colby tells them that the challenge will test them physically, but doesn’t elaborate at this point.

At the individual challenge they come face to face with a 30 foot tower complete with a rope they will have to propel down – Colby wasn’t kidding about having a heavy physical element.  They will start at the top of the tower, propel down to the first set of  2 windows and shoot three targets through the windows. They will repeat the same task on the second level and third level with the targets all being at different ranges.  It’s a race against the clock and Chris comes in first with Kyle and Augie in second and third leaving them all safe from elimination. Greg, Gary, and Chee are all in trouble and will be up for nomination.

Back at the house the men talk about which two people should have their target shot.  Many agreed that Greg has gone to elimination 3 times and has not only returned every time, but has really paid his dues so they aren’t planning to shoot his target.  At the nomination ceremony Chee and Gary end up being the two men that will face off in the elimination challenge – no one votes for Greg as they discussed.

The elimination challenge is inspired by SWAT and the contestants get to gear up and go through a typical SWAT exercise. The men will be using two guns: The Mossberg 500 chainsaw shotgun and the FN FS 2000 and are required to use protective SWAT gear.  Gary reveals that he has worked with both weapons, but Chee feels comfortable with his level of expertise in this due to his military experience and it reminds him of his time in the military.  Gary goes first and he runs the course incredibly fast and fairly smoothly – For Chee to beat Gary he has to get through the course flawlessly to be able to beat Gary at this point.  Chee starts out strong, but has trouble breaching the last door and loses to Gary, leaving Chee to pack his bags and head home.

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