‘Fashion Star’ review: Kara Laricks emerges as favorite in challenging week

We saw something different this week.

If there has been one major criticism that we have had about “Fashion Star” as a whole this season, it is that the series really has thrown us more of the same week after week, really to the point where we can’t tell one episode apart from the other. (Really — we can’t.)

Thankfully, the show did change things up this week with a challenge that actually gave us more insight into the designers’ styles, as well as their weaknesses. They each had to design something that was out of their comfort zone, and the buyers were also looking for this so that their catalog would not just be the same exact thing done to death. While most of the contestants listened and ended up creating some rather fascinating creations (whether it be Ross Bennett creating lingerie or Ronnie Escalante making a swimsuit down in the front), there were also a few weak points here and there — including Orly Shani more or less putting the same thing out on the runway that she has all season.

Before we get to the eliminated contestant, we do have to pose this question — can anyone top Kara Laricks at this point? After a strange choice to show off ties the first week, she has been on a tear with the buyers ever since — to the point where her layered dress may have been one of the most engaging and glamorous creations of the competition so far. Can she be stopped? If nothing else, she is one of the few designers at this point with a defined style. Along with Ross, she is emerging as one of the two standouts who we remember week-to-week on this show, regardless of what the challenge is.

Ultimately, we were surprised how this elimination played out. While we probably would have sent Orly home for not really following the theme of the actual challenge, the buyers opted instead to get rid of someone who we thoroughly enjoyed watching as a person in Barbara Bates. Unfortunately, her designs as of late have just not been as fantastic as her sense of humor. (Hopefully, she will find another venue to shine soon.)

Who do you think is the favorite to win this season, and do you agree that this was the best episode of the series so far?

Photo: NBC

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