‘Glee’ review: Finn the John Travolta of ‘Saturday Night Glee-Ver’

Staying alive?

For most of “Glee” this season, we’ve spent a good bit of time wondering why Finn has gone from being a principal character to at times a background player, and we were really pretty thrilled to see him this week have much more of a prominent role. Do we wish that we saw him more away from a “Saturday Night Fever” tribute that really didn’t have much to do with anything? Sure.

While we really enjoyed what the show did when it came to Michael Jackson earlier this year, the whole idea of this tribute simply came out of a desire for the show to introduce New Directions to a new style of music … and also that Finn was supposed to get some sort of inspiration out of watching John Travolta’s character follow his dream.

What did this dream turn out to be? Acting! That’s right — Finn wants to go the same studio that James Lipton talks about all the time on “Inside the Actors Studio.” Considering that some of the “Glee” cast visited the show earlier this season, Lipton has to make a cameo here at some point, right?

Mr. Schuester did not just have his sights set on Finn, though, when it came to helping him plot out his future — he also tried to help out Santana and Mercedes. The only real humor came in Brittany’s belief that Santana’s desire to be famous meant that she wanted a sex tape featuring the two of them to be uploaded online. However, the two did end up figuring out some sort of answer as to what they want to do with their lives — Mercedes (thanks to the help of Sam, who she shared a kiss with) is on her way to becoming a YouTube star, while Santana ended up getting an acceptance letter from Louisville’s cheerleading program thanks to the same person who released the “tape” online. The only thing we were confused about was how Mercedes’ performance of “Disco Inferno” made it online in the same way we saw it … mostly because we were always a bit meta in our interpretation were always embellished performances of actual songs produced in the mind of the characters.

Elsewhere, the show had some more stories that came across with mixed results. Seeing Alex Newell from “The Glee Project” really didn’t go anywhere, mostly because it was a regurgitation of the same message featured in season 2 — one that was for acceptance of everyone — except with a man who identifies themselves as a woman rather than a man who is sexually attracted to other men. The character just came out of nowhere too quickly for the story to really matter, and the same can be said for how quickly he will go away. On a positive note, he did introduce Jonathan Groff back to the show!

Overall, we do think that this episode could have been just as effective without all of the disco — if for no other reason than that we really didn’t need all of the music to take away from what was actually a pretty great story that could have been explored so much more.

As for one final criticism, where in the world were some of the minor characters this week? Artie, Quinn, Rory, and Sugar were all more or less ghosts.

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