‘Survivor: Philippines’ rumors: Three tribes for season 25?

Off to the Philippines!

Survivor” is currently in production for its 25th season, and while we’re not going to be posting any spoilers about anything that actually involves the outcome of the game (mostly because it’s rather nice to be surprised), there are some interesting rumors surfacing about the set-up for this season in the Philippines. (Just for reference, the title used for this article is not official by any means.)

A message board image posted online not only shows the scenery of the Caramoan region perfectly, but also something that we have not seen on “Survivor” for quite some time — three tribes! If this is indeed how the show chooses to start off the season, this will be the first time since “All-Stars” that such a format will be introduced to the game. We actually do like this idea, mostly from the standpoint of it potentially decimating these five-person alliances that end up starting the game together and then turning most of the weeks after the merge until a bore until they pick off the other tribe. (If the “One World” girls’ alliance holds, this will be the third season in a row this will have happened.)

As for the other rumor, we’ve heard that there will be returning players in some shape or form this season — though we really don’t trust the information enough to post any specifics here just yet. In general terms, there are rumors suggesting that there are three returning players (one for each tribe) that previously left the game before their time, and also talk here and there about it being a more extensive all-stars or “second chance” season. We personally think the first rumor here is likely what is happening (based on a new thread over at Survivor Sucks), and if this is the case we’re rather torn. Are we okay about seeing more returning players? Sure, depending on the circumstance. However, we’ve grown rather frustrated at seeing a couple of “All-Stars” competing against new players, dominating the air time, and then making it to the end. Either you go all-out, or you decide instead to just plug in newbies. (After all, having a full cast of new players is what has made this season so exciting.)

What do you want to see happen for season 25?

Photo: CBS

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