‘Mob Wives’ review: Renee picks up the pieces after Junior’s betrayal

Renee is moving forward

On the last episode of ‘Mob Wives’ Renee went into a depression as she tried to deal with her father getting picked up by the feds and Junior deciding to turn himself in without telling her on the same day.   The other women try to figure out a way to support Renee, but are in such disbelief over the way Junior handled the situation that they don’t know what’s best.  Junior going to jail inspires Drita to take her children to visit Lee at the local jail for Thanksgiving, but after her daughter tells her she doesn’t want to go, Drita decides not to force her. When news surfaces that Junior may have been responsible for sending Renee’s father to jail, everyone has different thoughts on the subject.

On this week’s episode of ‘Mob Wives’ Renee finds out that it’s likely true that Junior turned on her father and ratted him out.  The news report reveals that Junior was allegedly wearing a wire and taping conversations with her father for months.  After all of Junior’s broken promises come flooding back to Renee she is completely devastated and doesn’t know who she can trust anymore.

Drita hasn’t spoken to Renee because of a past incident between them, but she feels sick to her stomach about what Renee is going through and wants to talk to her, so she goes to Renee’s house to try and show her support.  When Renee opens the door, they immediately squash their differences as they greet each other with a big warm hug.  Renee reveals that when Junior moved back into her house to be with her, he was already working with the feds against her father unbeknown to her and she feels that he used her to be able to get closer to her dad.  Renee questions whether or not Junior ever really loved her at all and Drita breaks out in tears.

The next day Big Ang visits with Renee and she talks about how difficult it is being associated with the word ‘rat’ and how people are starting to talk, saying that she was somehow involved in it.  Renee admits that she was once someone that judged people (including Karen’s dad) based on similar situations so she’s concerned about how AJ is going to react when he faces the type of people that were just like her.

Renee decides that she’s going to pack Junior’s things away so that she can start to move forward with her life. She tells Karen that every night when she gets into bed she apologizes to Karen’s mother and father even though they can’t hear her and that she’s thankful that she has a better understanding of things now because of what Karen went through.  During her talk with Karen, Renee starts to get a handle on herself and finds the inner strength she’s been searching for.

Later Carla and Karen meet up for drinks and Carla says that after everything Junior had already done to her before allegedly ratting on her father, this might be the best thing for Renee because it will help her get over Junior once and for all.  Carla reveals that Renee had been telling her that Junior has been acting weird lately and felt maybe Renee knew something was coming.  Karen isn’t exactly sure what Carla is insinuating, but she doesn’t like it.

Renee later hears that Carla has made an insinuation that she knew what was going on with Junior (from who we don’t know) and that she was somehow involved with setting her father up. Renee denies that she had any knowledge and maintains her loyalty to her dad.  While out with Big Ang and Drita, Carla tells them that she hasn’t spoken to Renee yet, because Renee thinks she’s spreading gossip that Renee was somehow involved in Junior’s plot against her father – something she denies saying.  Carla says that if the situation was reversed and that it was one of them going through this that Renee would be ripping them to shreds.

Renee takes AJ out for dinner and tries to talk to him about what’s going on, but AJ maintains that he is okay and understands that Renee needs to continue to support her father, leaving Renee feeling a bit better about the whole situation.

Photo: VH1

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