‘Hart of Dixie’ review: Lemon tells George about the affair with Lavon

Will George forgive Lemon's affair?

On the last episode of ‘Hart of Dixie’ Zoe calls her father, Ethan,to perform heart surgery on George’s father, and after the successful surgery Ethan suggests that they forge a friendship, something that Zoe isn’t happy with since she still wants a father.  Lemon decides to become best friends with Zoe to keep an eye on her, so she organizes a dinner.  Zoe calls Lemon out on the ‘fake’ olive branch and admits that she knows about the indiscretion Lemon had with Lavon. Ethan confronts Zoe about her feelings for George and it pushes Zoe to strike out at Ethan for abandoning her.  When Zoe returns to her house Ethan is waiting to tell her that he messed up and asks her to be his daughter again and she accepts. George sends Lemon to the Rammer Jammer for a drink while he goes to the hospital to see his dad, but changes his mind and sets off to meet Lemon.  When Lemon arrives at the bar Lavon is drunk and kisses Lemon just as George shows up to witness it.

On this week’s episode of ‘Hart of Dixie’ George tries to figure out if what he saw was real or if his eyes were playing tricks on him when he saw Lavon kissing Lemon.  He visits Zoe to find out if he’s suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome and if that can cause his mind to play tricks on him.  After prying Zoe finds out that George thinks he saw Lemon kissing Lavon, and instead of telling George the truth she lies saying that he likely mistook what he saw and that she thinks Lavon was home all night. After George leaves Zoe calls Lavon to find out why the affair is still going on, but Lavon is ignoring his phone.

Wade comes up with the great idea to invite Lavon to George’s bachelor party hunting trip and George agrees and Lavon accepts the invitation.  Wade’s only rule is that cell phones are left behind, leaving Zoe’s warning to Lavon unheard.

Hart meets a man named Jesse in her office after he sprains his wrist and he asks her out to lunch, which she happily accepts. On the date Zoe’s head is clearly somewhere else and when she reveals that she is looking for Lavon, Jesse says that he saw him leave with George and Wade on a hunting trip.

At Lemon’s bachelorette party, Magnolia is in charge of setting up the festivities and although she assured Lemon that everything she wanted would be included, she planned a bigger better surprise for Lemon – a trip to a beach complete with a ‘party bus’ and male festivities.  As Lemon gives Magnolia a piece of her mind, Zoe shows up to warn her that George saw them kissing the night before.  She tells Lemon that she covered for them, but that Lavon and George are off hunting together.  Jesse offers to drive Lemon to where the boys are camping, but Lemon won’t go without Zoe since she’s in the middle of it all so they take all board the party bus and head out to the hunting trip. When the party bus arrives at the hunting party Zoe learns that Jesse is Wade’s brother and that they are estranged.

George and Lavon find themselves alone looking for fire wood and Georges starts asking questions about the night before.  Lavon says he was drinking at the Rammer Jammer and when George presses further, saying that Zoe said she saw Lavon at the house, he clues in that maybe he’s been found out.  George pushes even harder asking if Lemon was at the bar and Lavon asks if he saw them kissing.  George says he did and loses his cool with Lavon just as Lemon and Zoe find them in the woods.   Lavon takes the full blame, saying that he was lonely and tried to kiss Lemon, but she shut him down and that it’s all his fault.  Lemon won’t let Lavon take the blame and tells George the truth about everything including the affair.  Lemon says she wasn’t in her right mind with him leaving for New York and her mother living so close and not loving her which left her feeling completely unloved, but George calls BS saying that he loved her.  After a long talk George tells her that their relationship is over and calls off the wedding.   Lemon is in complete denial about George leaving and decides to continue on with her bachelorette party since George will come around eventually.

Jesse and Wade air out their differences when they think they’re alone and Wade tells him that he keeps swooping in and out of the family, acting like a hero while he’s left behind to clean up all the messes.  They start fighting about Zoe and Jesse tells Wade to just admit that he likes her.  Wade screams that not only does he not like her, but that she’s a snob and she’s perfect for someone like Jesse.  Unfortunately Zoe overhears and she later confronts Wade about his comments, but he stands behind what he said about her, saying that all of the men she’s chosen to fall for have been all about money, career and prospects.  Her talk with Wade makes her decide to end things with Jesse before they really ever have a chance to start.

When Zoe returns home George is waiting for her and he’s angry that she lied to him.  She apologizes to him and tries to explain that she did what was best to protect everyone, but George is too angry at everyone to listen and says that they are no longer friends, walking out on Zoe.

Will George forgive Lemon?  What about his friendship with Zoe?Are you hoping that Lemon and Lavon will somehow find their way back to each other?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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