‘The Biggest Loser’ revolt preview: Arrogance over inspiration

Get ready.

Tuesday night’s new episode of “The Biggest Loser” is one that we have admittedly been looking forward to for some time, mostly because it’s breaking from what a standard episode of this show tries to do — or for that matter, what any reality show typically puts on television.

While we are sure there will still be some sort of producer manipulation on here, it’s a brave move by the show to film the entire revolt from their remaining five contestants, and gave a sort of look at what happens behind the curtain with a show like this.

Before we say anything else, let’s look at the situation — after host Alison Sweeney reveals a twist that previously-eliminated contestants are going to have a chance to come back into the game to compete as finalists, everyone still at the ranch proceeds to pout, spit venom about how this is unfair, and threatens to walk off the show. Ultimately, we have heard that there will be at least one person will be leaving the ranch for good following this episode, and we have just one question here to ask — why? What’s the point of making yourself look terrible when you know that cameras are watching you? The only explanation we can think of is that this cast has made themselves look terrible for much of the season, and now they are really just trying to take it up a notch. While there are exceptions, there have been some people this year who are among the most ungrateful we have ever seen.

What makes this whole revolt actually rather funny (in a sadistic sort of way, anyway) is that the contestants would have realized if this was coming had they had actually read their contract. The lawyer points out during the episode that this was explicitly stated to be a part of this season, even though the contestants are seen trying to argue their way around it.

Do we understand where the contestants are from? Sure, and as a reality TV alum personally it is frustrating when a twist ends up ruining your plans. We saw this previously on “Survivor: Pearl Islands” as the Outcast Tribe destroyed Andrew Savage’s quest for a million bucks, and there is probably a perception here among the cast that someone working their tail off at home could beat them.

Then again, the contestants have to remember this on a show that is really about an inspirational journey — they’ve had the tools to lose the most weight still, and they are not even supposed to be on the show simply for the money. Without the trainers and the ranch, where would they be? While voicing concerns is one thing, a full-fledged revolt over a rule change — especially in a competition where the contestants are still in control over their own destiny — may be one of the most arrogant and sort-sighted actions we have ever seen from a cast to date.

Take a look at the preview video below (via “Entertainment Tonight“), and feel free to share your thoughts. Does this incident turn you off on the entire “Biggest Loser” cast?

Photo: NBC

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