‘Basketball Wives’ review: Nia gives Jennifer the smack heard around the world

Nia wants answers

Last time on ‘Basketball Wives’ – Jennifer and Royce finally make peace after Jennifer apologizes for her part in the fight (hooray!).  Kenya finds it difficult to take constructive criticism about her music video from the other women while Evelyn decides it’s time to get the ball rolling with her wedding planning.  Tami starts to open up to her mother about going to therapy to deal with being violated as a child.

This week on ‘Basketball Wives‘ Tami’s conversation with her mother continues to delve into their relationship and they talk about the emotional elements that are missing between them.  Her mother becomes emotional as she explains that she did the best she could to give Tami everything and that she realizes that she wasn’t able to play more of an emotional role in her life.  Her mom apologizes for not teaching Tami how to love and reveals that it was because she herself didn’t know how to love.  Her mother tells Tami that she has also been molested in the past and reveals that she has been going to therapy, just like Tami. At the end of the very difficult conversation they share a much needed hug that was a long time in the coming and it was something that was really wonderful to watch.

Royce meets up with her boyfriend Dezmon to talk about his first meeting with her father and tells him that her dad seems to like him.  They reconfirm how committed they are to their relationship and are happy about the pace they are moving at.  Later Dezmon takes Royce out on a romantic date where he reveals that he is thinking about marriage and is working on getting her an engagement ring, the news really excites Royce.

Evelyn and Nia discuss their strained relationships with Jennifer over drinks and Nia is completely baffled over how their relationship went from hanging out all the time and her staying at Nia’s house during her divorce to not talking at all.  Evelyn has her own issues with Jennifer, but she is really hurt that Jennifer would treat Nia badly after everything they have been through and feels that Jennifer needs to give Nia’s house keys back to her if she doesn’t want to continue the friendship.

Evelyn later meets up with Noe at her store to tell him that she’s thinking about closing up shop because things just aren’t going the way that she’d hoped now that her life is changing and she can’t dedicate as much time to it as she originally did.  If you’re worried that you won’t be able to get Evelyn’s accessories anymore don’t fret – she reveals that she is looking into an online boutique.

Jennifer sits down with her divorced friend Al to catch up and she reveals that she still isn’t really dating anyone new, focusing on get her past tied up before moving into something fresh.  Al dives into Jennifer and Evelyn’s fight asking if she thinks they can resolve their differences and she says she’s not sure.  Al suggests that Jennifer and Evelyn lay it all out on the table and tell each other everything that they think about each other so that maybe they can move on – unfortunately men and women are a little different when it comes to airing out their differences.  While most men can come to blows and then grab a drink afterward, women come to blows (or argue) and we usually don’t feel it’s resolved, it usually feels worse and now we are angry about new things.

Finally all of the women meet at the race track for a day of fun, but Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn and Nia decide that it is the perfect opportunity to air out their differences with Jennifer.  Tami starts the conversation with Jennifer asking why the ladies got a letter from her attorney even though nothing has happened.  Jennifer doesn’t respond to Tami’s actual question and Shaunie chimes saying that things have been really different between her and Jennifer lately and she doesn’t get it the awkwardness.  Jennifer says that she’s really been keeping to herself and again doesn’t really delve into what the problem is. Then it’s Nia’s turn to talk to Jennifer and she asks what the issue is between them and Jennifer says she doesn’t have a problem with her.  Nia gets upset at being brushed off and wants to know where her keys are and why has Jennifer changed so much, ditching all of her old friends for new ones.  Nia asks her if she needs to be smacked in the face to wake up and Jennifer for some reason says “yeah, yeah I wish you would”, prompting Nia to get up and give her the smack in the face heard around the world.  Jennifer putting down Nia’s status (living in Harlem in a two bedroom apartment) gets Evelyn fired up and she gets involved.  Evelyn gets up on the table and jumps off towards Jennifer, ready to attack – what happens next?  You’ll have to tune in next time for the dramatic conclusion of the race day fight.

Do you think that the race track was the right situation for the ladies to have their talk with Jennifer?  How do you think Jennifer will respond to Nia’s slap in the face? Are you happy to see Royce’s relationship moving to the next level?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

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