‘Make It or Break It’ recap: Can Payson and Kaylie’s friendship recover?

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On last week’s episode of ‘Make It or Break It’ Payson learns that Lauren is the person behind the kissing photo scandal even though Kaylie tried to keep it secret.  Coach Mac is forced to work on his people skills and finds a better way to coach the girls that inspires them to do better.  Lauren and Rigo share their first kiss and decide to go steady right before he has to leave for a week.

This week on ‘Make It or Break It’ it’s family week at the training center and while most of the girls get ready to have their family come to support them coach Mac finds out that Jordan doesn’t have anyone coming.

Kelly explains how life has been since her parents divorced and Kaylie is worried what life will be life for her since her parents are no longer together.  Not only is she stressed about her parents coming to family week, she has also noticed that ever since Kaylie was busted for knowing Lauren sent in the kissing picture, Payson hasn’t been speaking to her.  Austin agrees to go to dinner with Kaylie and her parents to try and take the edge off of a potentially awkward situation.

When Kelly’s mother, Sheila, shows up, she manipulates herself into staying at coach Mac’s house to try to sway the coach into picking Kelly as the team captain.   Kelly’s mother plans a dinner for coach Mac, Kelly and herself in hopes to convince him of Kelly’s leadership qualities, but the coach asks Jordan to join them for dinner too as his wing woman.

Payson takes Lauren to the doctor to find out about her fainting spells and while we don’t learn what exactly is wrong with Lauren we do learn that she is going to be sent to a specialist for the problem.  She decides to grab a pamphlet for potassium deficiency to lie to Payson (again) so that she won’t push her to get further help and she can continue with the gymnastics training. Later Payson finds the business card to for the doctor and calls to find out what’s really going on with Lauren’s health.

Kaylie finally confronts Payson about being cold to her and she asks why Payson won’t forgive her but has no problem forgiving Lauren and Payson says she expected more from Kaylie so what she did hurts more.  There is no resolution and Kaylie realizes their relationship has changed.

At the dinner with coach Mac, Kelly learns her mothers plan is to sweet talk the coach into realizing that Kelly should be team captain, that way Kelly will get the most endorsements and be the most famous.  When coach Mac arrives with Jordan, it seems that Sheila’s plans to lobby for Kelly to be the team leader are going to fall apart, but she keeps on pushing anyway as Kelly sits quietly by, completely mortified.  Things get even more awkward when Sheila brings up a memory of Kelly winning Junior Worlds and Kelly reveals that it wasn’t her that won that title, it was actually Jordan.  Sheila tries to throw Jordan under the bus, saying that ever since she won that title she’s been struggling, but coach Mac steps up and defends Jordan, talking about how she has all of the qualities that make a natural born leader.  After the girls head back to the dorm, Sheila offers to hook coach Mac up with a lucrative sponsorship to help with his financial problems in exchange for Kelly being the team captain.

At dinner with her parents, Austin is winning over Kaylie’s father zoning in on his favorite baseball memory, but Austin’s new bond with Kaylie’s father has her worried that things might be getting too serious too fast.  After dinner Kaylie is upset about how dinner went and Austin apologizes to her saying that he just really wants them to like him.  When he says that he loves her for the first time and goes in for a kiss, Kaylie doesn’t say it back and moves into a hug instead, leaving things fairly awkward between them.

The dinner with Austin brings Kaylie’s parents back into each others arms and after spending the night together they decide that it can’t happen again, but that they want to become better friends.  When Kaylie stops by her mother’s hotel room and finds her dad undressed in her mom’s bed she is completely confused.  She hopes this means that her parents are getting back together, but her mom explains that it can’t happen because they just aren’t in love anymore.

When Payson and her father finally get a chance to be alone, her father tells her that the family wants to move back to Minnesota.  Before Payson can really get her say in, her dad reveals that he already has a job there and that someone is interested in buying their house.  Her dad has set it up that Payson can stay at Kaylie’s house so that she can continue training, not knowing that there is a rift between the girls and leaving Payson upset.

At the family day event, Payson’s father talks to her mother questioning their decision to move, but Payson’s had some time to think about it and tells her dad to take the job and move.  She also tells her father that she wants to stay with Lauren instead of Kaylie and her father is surprised by her decision, but stays supportive.  Payson finds out that Lauren has an irregular heart beat and confronts Lauren, saying that she shouldn’t go out and do her routine in front of everyone until she knows what’s really going on.  Lauren says it’s her call and that she’s going through with the routine, and luckily it goes off without any problems.  Austin meets up with Kaylie after her routine and she is finally able to tell Austin she loves him – it was definitely the awwww moment of the episode.  Sheila brushes off spending time with Kelly to talk to coach Mac about her offer, but the coach tells Sheila that spots on the Olympic team cannot be bought.

Will Payson and Kaylie’s friendship ever be the same?  Why wasn’t Payson upset that Lauren lied to here again soon soon after learning that Lauren was responsible for the kissing photo being released?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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