‘The Vampire Diaries’ preview: Elena tries to figure Damon out

The mystery continues.

It seems like “The Vampire Diaries” has been off the air for longer than it really has, but on Thursday night the series will be back on The CW with a new episode entitled “Heart of Darkness” that will hopefully answer all sorts of questions.

What’s one key subject of discussion? Really, it’s the same one that we’ve been talking about since the very beginning of the show — the love triangle between Damon, Stefan, and Elena. Thankfully, there is at least some hope that this episode will help Nina Dobrev’s character start to figure out her feelings. She decides to travel with Damon to see Jeremy not only to help determine the lineage of the Original vampires and their “creations,” but also to see what sort of feelings there really are present there. (Nothing brings out true emotion like a lengthy road trip across the country!) The video below is a discussion between Elena and Alaric about this very subject.

Specifically, Jeremy is going to be hunted down for the purpose here of trying to determine who turned Rose, but in order to do that they are going to need to call on his supernatural ability to bring back the dead. Unfortunately, Jeremy will also be facing a rather big roadblock of his won — Klaus’ brother Kol, who has been creating all sorts of havoc in his life as of late (despite us still knowing next to nothing about the character outside of his family tree).

For those of you who are curious, you can probably expect some more definitive answers about this love triangle soon. After “Darkness” airs, there are only two episodes left until the tense season finale in early May — and in addition to this love triangle, not everyone that we have seen as a part of this season will be making it out alive.

Who do you think Elena should choose?

Photo: The CW

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